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Arts & Culture

Cape Town Summer Concerts Are Nearly Over…

As the hot weather begins to reach its peak, the chance to enjoy Cape Town summer concerts is nearly at an end, too. This got me thinking that it was a good time to round up some of the best open-air concerts in Cape Town, so that you can see who is playing where (and make a plan to enjoy some fresh air and good tunes). Cape Town Summer Concerts But, before we get started, I have a quick announcement about an upcoming concert that was due to take place at Kirstenbosch in March... If you have not heard the latest buzz regarding the Ben Howard concert in Cape Town, you may be sad to know [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

New Year’s Eve Cape Town 2014/2015

Looking for the best New Year's Eve parties in Cape Town this year? Well, look no further... we have selected some of the top picks for a NYE in Cape Town that is all that and a bag of chips. NYE Cape Town Whether you're in the mood for a chilled picnic and open-air concert, or something more lively like a street party or even an evening filled with beer, food and fun, you are sure to find at least some inspiration on how to spend your New Year's in Cape Town this year.

Top Picks for New Year's Eve in Cape Town

Ready to see what's happening this NYE in and around Cape [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

Christmas Shopping in Cape Town

Wondering where and when to do your Christmas shopping in Cape Town this festive season? We have put together a mega list of festive markets, as well as trading hours for some of the city's top shopping centres and malls. Christmas Shopping in Cape Town If you are anything like me, you will be using the next week or so to frantically seek out gifts for various friends, family and loved ones. We all know how stressful shopping can be - especially when it gets busy! Our list of markets offers a wide variety of ideas for unique craft gifts, which can be purchased in a non-mall environment for those who want to [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

School Holidays Cape Town 2014

Local parents as well as visitors who are travelling to the city with kids may already be wondering what on earth they will do to keep the younger ones busy during school holidays in Cape Town this year... Cape Town School Holidays Before you start stressing, we have you covered with an early bird guide to kids' holiday programmes and events taking place in December. From mall and shopping centre activities to other fun things to do, we will be bringing you a host of festive ideas. For starters, we have put together some of the top holiday programmes in Cape Town that cater to kids of various ages.

Holiday Activities for Kids [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

Cape Town on Foot

While sight-seeing bus tours are certainly highly recommended, there is something quite magical about exploring Cape Town on foot. It's often easier to drive from one landmark to another, ticking off places of interest as you go along, and enjoying some air-con in the heat of the day as the journey gets underway. Walking on the other hand sometimes seems like effort - especially during the hot Cape Town summer months. Exploring Cape Town on Foot But (and this is a big but) some of the best experiences can be had on foot. So many experiences in fact that you often end up missing the off-the-beaten-track local hotspots, secret spots and hidden [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments