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5 Things You Will Learn on a Township Tour in Cape Town

Designed to give visitors a more balanced perspective on what life in the Mother City is all about, few things offer better insight than a township tour in Cape Town. While postcards and guidebooks often focus on the glamorous, affluent attractions such as the city's world-class beaches, high-end suburbs and modern urban spaces, life on the other side of the economic divide is very different. The Cape Townships are informal settlements that arose from the forced removals of the apartheid era. 5 Reasons to Take a Township Tour in Cape Town Despite the harsh realities of poverty, crime and lack of basic services, life in the townships continues through the daily struggles. [more]

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The Dark Tower Starts Filming in Cape Town

Being a long-time fan of Stephen King, news of The Dark Tower filming in Cape Town is certainly exciting. Described by Stephen King as part western, part Lord of the Rings, this series follows legendary gunslinger-slash-truth-seeker Roland Deschain on his journey to find the Dark Tower. The Wire actor Idris Elba has been cast as Roland, with True Detective star Matthew McConaughey playing the mysterious Walter/Man in Black and Vikings star Katheryn Winnick in a yet-to-be announced role. The Dark Tower Movie Starts Filming in Cape Town

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What can we expect from this rather awesome sounding movie, and what does it mean for the Cape Town film industry? Let's take a look...

Why It's [more]

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Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2016

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2016 will be taking place this weekend, from Friday 1 April to Saturday 2 April 2016. Boasting a full line-up of outstanding artists from around the world, this festival is not only one of the biggest jazz festivals in Africa - it is also one of the top highlights of the entertainment calendar. Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2016 This year, the festival hails the start of autumn, taking you into the next month with the soothing, sultry sounds of piano, sax, trumpet and guitar. Let's take a look at what this year's festival is all about...

What to Expect at This Year's Cape Town Jazz Festival

First up, a [more]

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7 Indoor Attractions in Cape Town That Are Great for Rainy Days

If you are looking for things to do when it's raining in Cape Town, you may have ticked off a few of the more obvious ideas... you've been to the museum, you've enjoyed the many excellent restaurants, done some shopping... perhaps you have visited an art gallery as well. While there is no doubt that the city is an outdoor paradise, there are many indoor attractions in Cape Town that are just as enticing. These attractions cater to adults, kids, nature lovers, indulgence seekers and everyone else in between. Indoor Attractions in Cape Town - Butterfly World Whether it is pouring down for the second day in a row, or you're looking [more]

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Cape Town Jazz Festival: FREE Community Concert

The only thing better than live jazz is FREE live jazz, and with the upcoming community concert taking place in the build-up to this year's annual Cape Town Jazz Festival, a free concert will be taking place on Wednesday 30 March 2016. And, needless to say, it looks rather awesome! Free Cape Town Jazz Concert Sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture, Independent Media and Passenger Rail Association of South Africa (PRASA), the free concert will be held in the heart of the City Centre, and open to everyone. The line-up for this concert includes jazz talent from South Africa and further afield, setting the tone for what is sure to be a [more]

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