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Arts & Culture

Where to Watch Fireworks in Cape Town

fireworks in cape town

Wondering where to watch the fireworks in Cape Town this year? Here is a full list of approved places to enjoy the amazing displays of light, sparkles and colour!

Guy Fawkes is a time-honoured occasion around the world, and while most of us don’t have the foggiest idea why we have held on to this holiday, one thing is for sure… everyone loves fireworks! Here in Cape Town, regulation has changed the way that the day is celebrated, making it a lot safer for everyone to enjoy.

The good news is that you can look forward to a spectacular visual experience on 5 November each year – with epic photo opps [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

Halloween Events in Cape Town 2013

halloween events in cape town 2013

It is no secret that I am a huge sucker for the scary stuff, so it goes without saying that Halloween events in Cape Town may just count as my all-time most favourite types of events ever. What’s not to love after all? You get to dress up in crazy costumes, pretend that you know the moves to the Thriller dance and if you’re lucky, you can get everyone to watch the horror movies that you love so much.

There is a small chance I am basing this all on how I feel about the spooky season (ahem), but even if you are not mad about zombies, vamps [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

Cape Town Fashion from A to Z

cape town fashion

From quirky street styles to high end home-grown labels, Cape Town fashion is just as diverse as its people and scenery. Shopping options reflect this diversity, with a combination of shopping centres, retail stores, tiny second hand shops, cooler-than-cool boutiques and even market stalls on hand – each offering a different take on the season’s trends.

There is no doubt that Cape Town brings its own style to South African fashion as a whole – diverse, often different and in some cases, even bordering on hipster. What better way to sum up Mother City style than an A to B [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

October Events in Cape Town 2013

cape town events octoberOctober in Cape Town is a fine time indeed, and this month we have a huuuge list of events to enjoy, from penguins all the way to Pinotage.

Now that spring is officially here, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting cooler. Jeans and boots are being swapped for shorts and t-shirts, as we try our hardest to catch a bit of a pre-summer tan. This past week we have been getting a taste of October weather to come with some lovely hot days – if that isn’t reason to let the spring awesomeness take over, then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I am 99.9999% [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments

Keeping Kids Busy on School Holidays

school holidays cape town

School holidays are something that every kid looks forward to with delight. Parents on the other hand, often find it a bit more of a challenge to juggle work, everyday pressures and entertainment duties for days on end.

The good news is that Cape Town offers a huge range of things for kids to do during the holidays and any other time of the year. Some even provide a much-needed drop off and pick up later approach that helps make the days just a little bit easier for busy moms and dads.

We’ve put together some ideas on surviving the school holidays, Cape Town style. Have a look below to get [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Arts & Culture | Comments