The Dune Shredder is a 1st of its kind in Africa. The Dune Shredder is a 400hp, V8 custom built sand rail pipe car imported from the USA. Made from a high tensile chromoly frame work. Its seats 4 passengers and driver with full spec racing seat belts. We offer adrenaline packed adventure tours driven by an experienced driver in the Atlantis dunes near Cape Town. This is the ultimate all weather roller coaster ride of the sand dunes!!

Rides are 20 minutes long.

Total duration 30 mins – 10 minutes sign in and safety briefing, 20 min dune thrashing including seat change and photos.

Note that this is not a self drive experience. An experienced driver will take you into the dunes.


Dune Shredder OVERVIEW

1 Imported V8 custom built sand rail pipe car


Experience driver
20 minute blast through the sand dunes


No lunch
No transfers to and from the sand dunes - But can be arranged for your own account

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