Experience an exhilarating ride on a fully automated 4-wheeled Quad Bike (ATV) down the Atlantis Dunes, just outside of Cape Town up the beautiful West Coast of South Africa. The Atlantis sand dunes are situated northwest of Cape Town and is an important conservation area protecting the Atlantis Aquifer which supplies water to the Atlantis area. An awe-inspiring setting for an amazing experience that shows off amazing soft white sand that reaches up to 50 meters high. No prior experience is needed as our riding instructor will be there to guide you.

Cape Xtreme offers its Quad Bike tours just 45-60 minutes away from the centre of Cape Town. The Atlantis Dunes, 27 square kilometres of pure white sand dunes, sometimes reaching the height of a six-storey building.The dunes are a protected, completely unspoiled area. Be prepared to be gob-smacked, even though you might be covered in sand!

The guided tours take you through these open dunes that are very reminiscent of those found in the Namibian desert, with beautifully white sand and dunes undulated by the wind.

We try and accommodate parties of all sizes, with off season callouts ranging from 2 to 12 people in one session. This size limitation is for safety reasons as larger groups will require additional guides. In most cases larger groups unfortunately have to be split up and done in multiple rotations.

Duration: 50 min – 1 hour (excl. briefing).
When: 7 days a week. All year round except Christmas Day.
Where: Atlantis sand dunes.
Weather: Weather very seldom stops our Quad Biking activities at Atlantis dunes. Severe sandstorms and heavy rain are very rare occurrences. Your guides receive on site up to date weather reports. Weather in Cape Town is often more severe than at the Atlantis dunes.
What to Wear: Comfortable clothing.
Things to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, camera, water.
Guests or Spectators: Only paying guests allowed. No spectators.

Minimum Age: Please note the minimum age is 13 years old to ride.
Children under 13 years old (so 6-12) have to be booked as ride-along and travel/ride with a quad bike guide.
Children under 6 are too small to participate in Quad biking.
Any kids joining needs to be communicated to us prior to your trip so proper arrangements can be made to accommodate them.
The guide reserves the right to change ride-along arrangements in the interests of client safety.
Minimum Height: 0.0 m
Maximum Height: 0.0 m
Minimum Weight: 0 kg
Maximum Weight: 110.0 kg
Fitness Level: No Fitness Requirement
Qualifications: No Experience Required. This Activity Takes Place “At Your Own Risk”
Certification: None Required
Experience Level: No Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions
Inclusions: Professional and highly experienced guides, access to the dunes (for which people must purchase day Permits to drive on the dunes), reliable and easy to operate Quad Bike hire & fuel, helmets in multiple sizes, hair nets for use in helmets, goggles (on request), safety briefing.
Exclusions: Refreshments, meals, transport, all items of personal nature, tips.

More notes/information
Kindly ensure you arrive at the venue 30 minutes before your Quad Bike tour departure time. Should you arrive later than the tour departure time, your tour may be forfeited and not refunded or rescheduled.

Please be advised that for any filming/film shoots/professional video & photography sessions, a special permit is required and the trip will have to be booked as a private session. Please enquire separately for this with us at [email protected]

· Are there any toilet facilities?
Yes there are, but not what most would consider amazing. If possible it is suggested that you make use of toilet facilities before leaving your point of departure or at a petrol station that you pass on your way here

· How long is the tour?
Our 1 hour tours usually run for around 50mins. This is due to the fact that we need to do a safety briefing before we go out, get you onto your bikes and start them up. This process usually takes 10-15 mins.

· What happens if you are late?
Please make sure you leave your destination early enough to arrive on time (allow more travel time) and try to account for any possible unforeseen travel delays. If you are late you could end up losing time on your ride (shorter ride) OR you could miss out on your ride COMPLETELY and your booking will be seen as a ‘no show’ resulting in NO refund.
Quad Bike is VERY busy and they will not be able to allow extra time as they have other rides/groups booked.

· What kind of bikes will you be riding?
Most are Semi – Automatic Quad Bikes that allow you to drive over every possible dune in the facility with ease, with the only input the driver needs to put in is gas, brakes and steer. We do have a few manual bikes as well.

· Are the bikes difficult to ride?
The bikes are very stable and make it easy for even first time riders who usually need only 10 minutes on the Quad Bike to learn how to control it. We cater the course according to the skill of the combined group and drive at the pace that suits the abilities shown by the riders.

· Damages

Should you (the client) damage the quad bike by driving into another quad bike or obstruction or ‘roll-it’, you shall be held liable and be required to pay for the damages as determined by the guide on duty before you leave the activity area. Should there be a dispute between the 2 parties, the hirer of the equipment shall nonetheless pay for the damages before leaving the activity area. The owners of the quad bikes will provide invoices for the replacement parts and labour with-in 14 days and provide the hirer a refund if damages claimed is more than then damage sustained.


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