Our (South) African Dining Experience

On Wednesday the 5th of March the CometoCapeTown.com team set out again in search of new and amazing Cape Town dining for our visitors.

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We certainly found just such an experience when we stumbled upon Gold Restaurant.

Set in the old Trinity nightclub building just off Prestwich Street in Green Point, we were greeted at the door by what we thought was a statue, only to discover, with rather a shock (which turned into a laugh) that the “statue” was a traditional African puppet.

Djembe drumming was first on our list, and we were led by the ever skilful “General” Ezzi. This is not as easy as it sounds, and with the threat of no dinner being allowed if we got it wrong, the concentration on our faces while trying to follow the different beats was enormous.

The restaurant is truly beautiful, and not only because of the building structure, but also because of the truly beautiful souls that welcome and look after you throughout your time at Gold. It was a lot of fun and a surprisingly good workout too.

After the drumming session we were lead to your table, where the taste adventure starts. At this point, we had all gotten out our Eno and Gaviscon, having heard of the infamous heat of Moroccan cooking. However the dishes, while having some heat, were more a variety of flavours that truly mixed well together. It is a set menu and in the true African tradition, bowls are placed in the centre of the table with everyone sharing the meal.

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I’m not going to give things away by explaining all the courses, as they do change seasonally, however it is something different that you are not going to be making at home, but not too different that we were scared to try things.

In between meals we are also treated to a traditional African show, which has a story behind it involving a queen and some Gold. One lucky man was even chosen to join traditional dancers, and this is done in good spirit with clapping all around.Throughout the evening we were looked after by Beatrice and her team, and I must say seeing as the restaurant has approximately five different dining rooms, we applaud the level of service.

The evening finished off with desert, which was covered in 9 carat gold dust leaving us feeling truly royal while also leaving us with something to talk about for many days to come.

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Thank you to Cindy Kruger for the kind invitation for us to be able to have this unique experience and to everyone who made our night special, including the performers and the waitresses.

From the CometoCapeTown.com team, we give you a big heart felt thank you.

P.S. For those wanting to experience their own African dining encounter, bookings info is as follows:

Website: www.goldrestaurant.co.za

Address: 15 Bennett Street, Green Point

Phone: +27 (0)21 421 4653

Hours: 06h00 – 23h00


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