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Remember That Cape Town Zombie Movie We Were Telling You About?

Earlier this year we mentioned that word had gotten about about a Cape Town zombie movie in the makings. On Halloween, we blogged about the Zombie Walk. Needless to say, we love us some zombie action. The movie we mentioned in May, which is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is in full swing, and by the pics shared by crew and cast members, it looks pretty cool. Well, if you're into action-packed movies featuring deadly viruses that turn everyone into flesh eating zombies, that is!

Cape Town Zombie Movie Resident Evil

Actress Milla Jovovich has been living and filming in Cape Town the past few months working [more]

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Wavescape Surf Film Festival 2015

A unique celebration of surf, soul and sea, Wavescape Surf Film Festival 2015 is coming to a Cape Town beach near you. The festival runs from 23 November until 13 December, and comprises a series of mini-events that include a board exhibition, community meet-up, inspiring conservation talks, and, of course, the film festival itself. Wavescape 2015 Whether you ride the waves or prefer to stay on land, what makes Wavescape such a unique event is that it brings together the community spirit and inspiration of surfing to all. It's not all for fun either - many profits from the exhibition and auction will be going towards important organisations such as Save Our Seas, [more]

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Christmas Markets in Cape Town 2015

The festive season is just around the corner, and for all of you early bird organised types who want to get a head start on gift shopping, we bring you a great list of Christmas Markets in Cape Town 2015. Featuring markets situated across the peninsula, day markets, night markets, trendy markets, tiny rural markets and all sorts of other markets, this list has you covered from coast to coast. Cape Town Christmas Markets 2015 Please note that all information is correct at the time of publishing. If details should change, we are not responsible. Some market times will only be confirmed closer to December but we will do our best to keep you updated [more]

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Water Restrictions in Cape Town – What You Need to Know

With dams at their lowest in a long time, water restrictions in Cape Town may be a reality this summer. In fact, many parts of the Western Cape, along with Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal are already putting restrictions into play. What exactly does this mean for homeowners, holidaymakers and water conservation in general, and what do you need to know about restrictions? Cape Town Water Restrictions To understand why water restrictions in South Africa are taking place in 2015, it is important to first understand the effect that overall weather conditions play in water consumption. A 'dry year' may sound like something you hear rural farms complain about, with a lack of rain during [more]

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I AM CAPE TOWN 2 – A Stunning Cape Town Time Lapse Video

Super talented photographer Brendon Wainwright captured the beauty of the Mother City in this incredible Cape Town time lapse video, which took over 7500 still images taken over 2 years to make. Featuring epic views of Table Mountain and the peninsula below, this video shows us yet again just how much the city has to offer in the way of scenery. I had goose bumps and a massive smile on my face by the time I finished watching... check it out below and let us know what you think!

Watch This Beautiful Time Lapse Video of Cape Town

Is this not a lovely ode to a lovely city?! I certainly think so! Brendon has made another time lapse [more]

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