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Planning a Romantic Weekend in Cape Town? Here’s Where to Stay.

Planning a romantic weekend in Cape Town for Valentine's Day? This February, we invite you to celebrate a month of love in the glorious Mother City, where beaches, summer evenings and plenty of things to see and do await. Whether you are aiming to take your loved one away for the weekend over Valentine's or you're thinking of enjoying a weekend later in the month (or any other time, for that matter), we have some fabulous suggestions on where to stay. Without further ado, here are some of our most unbelievably romantic villas in Cape Town, which are ideal for weekends, honeymoons and any other trip with your love.

Best Villas for a Romantic Weekend in Cape Town

In no particular order, here are [more]

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Amazingly Romantic Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Cape Town

In a city blessed with beautiful beaches, cosy restaurants, outdoor wonders and plenty of world-class attractions, there is no shortage of things to do on Valentine's Day in Cape Town... if you know what to look for, that is! Whether your beloved is the kind who loves expensive champagne, good dinners and elegant entertainment, or someone who prefers to be doing something laid-back or unusual, or you both want to try something different this year, our list of Valentine's Day ideas for 2016 are sure to offer some inspiration. Things to do on Valentines Day in Cape Town 2016 Catering to all tastes and budgets, our V Day list has something for [more]

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Why Visit the Kirstenbosch Craft Market in Cape Town?

The Kirstenbosch Craft Market in Cape Town kicked off its summer market season in January 2016, with markets taking place on the last Sunday of the month. And, from the looks of things, this year's market is going to be even more rewarding, entertaining and interesting. Running for 25 years and counting, this is one of the longest-standing outdoor craft markets in Cape Town. It is also undoubtedly the most scenic market, too. Set against the spectacular backdrop of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, near the old Stone Cottage, the market offers a perfect way to enjoy a few hours of leisurely browsing, shopping, eating and unwinding. Kirstenbosch Craft Market in Cape Town What makes this such an epic market, [more]

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Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Dunkin’ Donuts Come to Cape Town

Did you know that Starbucks is launching in Cape Town in March 2016? And, did you know that Pizza Hut is making its way to our shores and that Domino's Pizza is already in South Africa? While I am mostly interested to try out the South African Starbucks, the other US expansions are also certainly interesting... Starbucks is Coming to Cape Town I may not even be a huge donut (or doughnut, if you want to be South African about it!) fan, but when I heard the news that Dunkin' Donut is coming to Cape Town, I was a teeny bit excited, even if not quite as much as I was about the thought [more]

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Planning a Valentine’s Day Escape in Cape Town?

If you are thinking of surprising your beloved with a special Valentine's Day holiday in Cape Town, now is the time to start putting some plans into motion. While every day should be romantic and filled with giving and receiving of love and gifts (in our book, anyway), February 14th is an extra special day where romance is concerned. This year, instead of cheesy flowers and candy or generic teddy bears in cups covered in hearts, surprise the person in your life with a carefully planned retreat in the beautiful Mother City! Valentines Day in Cape Town 2016 Whether you are a local residing in the city, or you are living abroad and aiming [more]

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