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Shark Spotters Mobile App Launch Party

Not too long ago, we did a post on the Shark Spotters mobile app that was in development. This app would allow surfers, swimmers and beach-goers a simple way to track shark activity directly from a mobile phone application. The good news is that this app is about to launch soon... and Shark Spotters has organised a special launch party to celebrate. Shark Spotters App Launch The launch event takes place on 13 October 2016 at the Earth Fair Market in Tokai. On the line-up is local band The Rudimentals as well as comedian Rob van Vuuren who will be MC. There'll be food vendors and a cash bar, along with plenty of other [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Blog | Comments

Been to the New Ice Cream Sandwich Shop in Cape Town Yet?

You may have heard the buzz recently about the brand new ice cream sandwich shop in Cape Town. Called Crumbs & Cream, this little slice of heaven brings a fun touch to the fine art of ice cream enjoyment. The concept is simple enough - there are a variety of cookies, and there are a variety of ice cream flavours. All you need to do is take your pick of cookies and ice cream, and voila... you have a super delicious ice cream sandwich. Crumbs & Cream With summer on its way, we could certainly do with more places to enjoy ice cream in Cape Town. And, the quirky style, delicious flavour combinations and [more]

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What to do in Cape Town During the Week (When it’s Raining)

Not sure what to do in Cape Town during the week when it's pouring outside? We've got you covered. When the weather is wet, it can certainly make it harder to plan your week. Luckily, there are many amazing things to do throughout the week that don't require sunshine or umbrellas. From grown-up play parks to fascinating cultural attractions, the variety of indoor activities in Cape Town caters to almost everyone. What to do in Cape Town During the Week on Rainy Days Whether you're running out of ways to keep the kids busy on school holidays, or you're visiting the Mother City and need some fresh inspiration on what to do in [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Blog | Comments

Top Ideas for a Mini Spring Road Trip in Cape Town

When the weather is warm and the flowers are out, a mini spring road trip in Cape Town offers the perfect way to get out into nature and enjoy the beauty of this time of year. The Mother City offers an enormous variety of interesting little towns, regions and routes, ranging from out-of-town hot-spots to places that are easy to get to in an hour or less. Mini Spring Road Trip in Cape Town Whether you're in the mood to see some flowers, birds, wildlife, mountains, ocean, people or a bit of everything, we have put together a list of short but sweet road Cape Town trip ideas that are sure to make you [more]

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Secret Sunrise Cape Town

If you have not heard of Secret Sunrise Cape Town, this early morning silent disco is sure to be the perfect way to kick-start your day this spring. Not too long ago, we did a mini guide to conscious clubbing. Secret Sunrise was briefly featured in this guide, and today, we're bringing you all the information you need to know about this sunrise dance movement that is taking Cape Town (and the rest of South Africa) by storm. Secret Sunrise Cape Town These events are organised by No Danger Diaries, a company started by a group of friends who came together to create meaningful, fun activities to enjoy. Parties have been held across [more]

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