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South African Visa Regulations for Travelling Children Postponed For Now

We have some important (and good!) news for parents planning to come to Cape Town... Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba announced this week that the two visa regulations for visitors travelling with children will be postponed until 1 June 2015. The new visa regulations have been causing a lot of concern among travellers, accommodation operators, travel agents and many others within the tourism industry. You can read more about these regulations in the post we did on South Africa visa regulations to read the full list of proposed changes. Not surprisingly, many are breathing a sigh of relief that, for now anyway, there is some breathing room to get prepared for such a major set of travel regulations. [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Blog | Comments

Interning in Cape Town? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are a grad or post-graduate student considering interning in Cape Town, this post is just for you. Whether you have already begun the process of applying for internships, or you have plans to intern in the city somewhere in the near future, firstly we'd like to say well done for choosing Cape Town as your destination. Interning in Cape Town The Mother City has become a popular intern destination, and for good reason too... across a variety of sectors ranging from development all the way to marketing, tourism, medicine, healthcare, science and the arts, Cape Town is home to many (many) businesses that offer opportunities to work and learn. These [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Blog | Comments

5 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Fitness in Cape Town

We all know the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to outdoor fitness in Cape Town, there are many ways to take the 'work' out of your workout without feeling like getting fit is a chore. outdoor fitness Cape Town Outdoor fitness is certainly not a new concept. There are many people who hate the idea of gym (myself included!). My own personal experiences in fitness have ranged from amazing (a few years of muay thai training that I will never regret, ever) to forgettable (hours of slogging over machines in the gym) to life-changing (getting to love the joy of running). Of all these experiences, one [more]

By Rox Bradnick | Blog | Comments

Cape Town Stadium

This afternoon we are chatting about the Cape Town Stadium, and what it's future may be. What would you like to see this 2010 World Soccer Cup landmark be used for in between concerts and games?   Please remember to keep on topic so that we can keep the chat going. 16319_836563763054698_3267640535256068983_n    

By Tamara | Blog | Comments

Blast from the past – HMS Vanguard 1947.

During the Royal tour of SA in February 1947, the King and his family arrived in Cape Town aboard this impressive battleship. 1522219_836567529720988_6255625106433980462_n Photo thanks to Etienne du Plessis

By Tamara | Blog | Comments