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Get acquainted with Cape Town's most famous attractions

Voted one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and an iconic gem of the Cape Town skyline, Table Mountain is a definite must-see on any trip to Cape Town. We therefore start this exciting Table Mountain and Robben Island Tour with a trip to the most iconic landmark of them all, Table Mountain.

This exciting Table Mountain Tour starts with an exhilarating ride on a Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way cable car to see this iconic flat-topped mountain like you never have before. This will not only allow you to tick something truly spectacular off your Cape Town bucket list, but enable you to see one of Cape Town’s most beloved and celebrated landmarks from the very best vantage points. There is no view quite like a Table Mountain aerial view, and you’ll be sure to experience the full awe-inspiring force of that on this jam-packed tour of Table Mountain! On a blue sky, sunlit Cape Town day this experience boasts 360- degree views of the Mother City, accompanied by the most spectacular Table Mountain view, standing tall at 1088m above sea level at its highest point.

This is the Mother City after all, and we love her for her bold and ever-changing nature, which applies to her weather too. If the weather is therefore not so favourable on the day of the tour, and as we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the very best view the Mother City has to offer, the renowned Signal Hill will be our destination of choice. Boasting one of the best views of Table Mountain, the Atlantic Seaboard and the Mother City, Signal Hill is a true Cape Town gem.

But besides the spectacular views, our Table Mountain and Robben Island Tour is jam-packed with a whole lot more for you to enjoy. Here is a tour overview snippet and everything you can look forward too:


Table Mountain and Robben Island Tour OVERVIEW

1 Table Mountain
2 Castle of Good Hope
3 Bo-Kaap
4 Noon Day Gun
5 3 hr Robben Island Tour
6 Green Market Square
7 Diamond cutting tour


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What to Expect on the Table Mountain and Robben Island Tour

Castle of Good Hope

From the awe-inspiring views of Table Mountain, the Castle of Good Hope is the next stop on this thrilling Cape Town Tour. Built as a naval replenishment base by the Dutch East India Company in the late 1960’s and boasting the oldest remaining colonial structure in South Africa, the Castle of Good Hope is true slice of South African history and offers a truly enriching experience. But the renowned Caste of Good Hope is not the only historic Cape Town gem and prominent landmark you’ll get to see, the Houses of Parliament, Company Gardens and the Greenmarket Square are only a few more historic stops on the tour.


No Cape Town tour will be complete without a stop at the iconic Bo-Kaap. Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill, Bo-Kaap is known for its colourful surroundings and vibrant culture. It’s a true celebration of authenticity and community and one of Cape Town’s most beloved multi-coloured attractions. Formerly known as the Malay Quarter, Bo-Kaap is the heart and soul of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town. Bo-Kaap’s origins date back to the 1760s and features a unique mix of Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture. It is also one of Cape Town’s most distinct neighbourhoods and boasts so much to see, taste and explore, thereby making it the perfect next stop on our Table Mountain and Robben Island Tour.

Signal Hill

At the top of this beloved Cape Town landmark you will get to witness one of Cape Town’s oldest traditions, the discharging of the Noon Day Gun. A unique Cape Town experience that cannot be relived anywhere else in the world. The firing of the canon on a daily basis is one of the Mother City’s most cherished past-times. The canons used are also two of the oldest in the world that are still being used to date, thereby adding an extra special historic touch!

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Robben Island

There is a reason why the Robben Island tour is considered a popular pick for anyone travelling to Cape Town. The ultimate combination of beauty and history in one incredible experience! This exciting tour to Robben Island starts of with a ferry boat ride to the iconic location. Robben Island is not only one of Cape Town’s most cherished landmarks but a vital piece of South Africa’s history and journey to democracy. Besides the incredible views of Cape Town, you get to enjoy on your boat ride there, a truly unique and enriching experience awaits you on the Island.

Due to the 18-year incarceration of Mr. Nelson Mandela (former South African President and iconic world leader), Robben Island is home to one of the most recognisable prisons in the world today. The Robben Island tour therefore gives you an authentic perspective into what life was really like for Mr. Nelson Mandela and includes a nostalgic stop at the very cell he called home for so many years. As the tour is led and guided by a previous political prisoner, visitors can expect a real, raw and truly exceptional perspective and understanding of both the prison’s history and the personal plight of the prisoners themselves during their time spent there.

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