10 Places With The Best Coffee In Cape Town

The coffee scene in Cape Town is bursting nowadays and those who love coffee are definitely spoilt for choice here in South Africa’s Mother City. There are coffee houses and independent shops with on-site coffee roasteries on practically every corner of the city and all of them are usually packed with customers. Some of these places offer an excellent working environment, while others are ideal spots to catch up with friends and have a perfect cup of coffee. Here is our list of 10 places with the best coffee in Cape Town.

1 Truth Coffee Roasting

coffee in Cape Town


Named “The World’s Coolest Café” by the Guardian and “World’s Best Coffee Shop” by the Daily Telegraph, Truth Coffee Roasting is a must-visit artisan coffee shop with a steampunk décor. Make sure to try some of their signature blends and single origin coffees like Blend Flat White, Potion Coffee, and Battle Brew. The staff at Truth Coffee Roasting is quite knowledgeable and one of their baristas won the South African Barista 2018 competition. Besides coffee, you will find a nice selection of alcoholic drinks and artisanal teas on the menu.

2 Bean There

coffee in Cape Town


Located on Wale Street, Bean There is a lovely coffee shop that sells fairtrade beans and produces some of the best coffee in the Mother City. They are one of the rare places in the city that sources their beans ethically, personally chooses single origin beans from farms and communities, and roasts the beans on-site in small batches. Thanks to its central location, Bean There is also a great place for business meetings and catching up with friends.

3 Espresso Lab Microroasters

coffee in Cape Town


Woodstock’s Espresso Lab Microroasters treats coffee like science. Not only that they develop optimal roasts and source their beans from farms in countries like Ethiopia and Costa Rica, they also have a unique decor that feels like you’ve just walked inside a laboratory. Here, the coffee is roasted very lightly and their signature cup of coffee is the Vitamin C Shot which is basically an espresso with raw honey, lemon, and cold-pressed ginger.

4 Deluxe Coffeeworks

coffee in Cape Town


Travelers wish to have a tasty cup of coffee in Cape Town should definitely visit the popular Deluxe Coffeeworks. This café is quite unique, as it offers neither food nor Wi-Fi, just hand-picked coffee from Guatemala, Brazil, and Ethiopia. Their coffee is blended and roasted daily and you can even purchase a bag of beans and prepare coffee at home. The baristas are knowledgeable and always more than happy to help you decide what to order.

5 Origin

coffee in Cape Town


Head out to the village of De Waterkant and visit one of the best coffee spots in the area, the famous Origin. To ensure the freshness of their coffee, the beans are ethically sourced and roasted on-site and they even offer brewing coffee courses for visitors. Besides tasty coffee that is sourced from places like Kenya and Tanzania, you can have breakfast or lunch here at the Origin. Thanks to its cool interior and both downstairs and upstairs area, it’s also a popular spot among digital nomads who come here to work and socialize.

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6 Bootlegger Coffee Company

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Bootlegger Coffee Company is one of those places in Cape Town where you can have a delicious meal, as well as a tasty cup of coffee. The coffee beans are imported from places like Costa Rica and Guatemala and roasted daily on-site. As for the food, they only prepare meals from fresh local produces and offer everything from free-range burgers to delicious eggs benedict. It’s also worth mentioning that Bootlegger Coffee Company opens its doors early in the morning and offers unlimited free Wi-Fi, so it comes as no surprise that this coffee joint is popular with remote workers and freelancers.

7 Yourstruly

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Located in the center of Cape Town on Loop Street, Yourstruly offers a variety of gourmet sandwiches, tasty pastries, vegan snacks, and of course great coffee. It’s an ideal spot to visit if you are staying in central Cape Town and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. The great thing about this place is that it transforms into a vibrant bar at night and hosts live music performances. In case you wish to have a cold one, Yourstruly has a nice collection of craft beers.

8 Tribe Coffee Roasting

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The locals will tell you that for a good cup of coffee in Cape Town you just have to make your way to Tribe Coffee Roasting. The good news is that they have two branches in the city. One is located in Woodstock and attracts an alternative crowd, while the other branch can be found inside a BMW motorcycle dealer in CBD. They also sell fresh coffee beans that you can take home to try.

9 Rcaffé

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Located on the popular Long Street, Rcaffé is a trendy café that opens its doors early in the morning and serves delicious coffee. Make sure to try the artisan mocha crema blend which comes from several different beans. Rcaffé is also a good spot to have breakfast and offers free Wi-Fi to its customers.

10 Haas

coffee in Cape Town


Situated in a historic building on Buitenkant Street, Haas Coffee can be best described as a mixture of a gallery and a coffee shop. They source some of the best and the most expensive blends from places like Indonesia and Brazil. For instance, the most expensive coffee in the world the famous Kopi Luwak is sold here. The interior is inviting and the place actually looks more like a gallery than a coffee shop, which is kind of cool.

We would like to know your favourite place for coffee in Cape Town. Share with us in the comments.

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