Bachelor Party Ideas 7 Great Things To Do for a Bachelor Party in Cape Town

So, you’re thinking about throwing a bachelor party in South Africa’s Mother City? Luckily, there is no shortage of bachelor party destinations in Cape Town. Whether you want to surprise the groom with a visit to a cool brewery or make him go on adrenaline-filled adventures, Cape Town is an ideal destination for bachelor parties. All you need to do is dress to the nines and round up all of the guys for an unforgettable bachelor bash. Let’s take a look at some of the best bachelor party ideas in Cape Town.

1 Go To the Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club

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Located on Barrack Street in the Mother City, Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club is an adult entertainment club that offers high-class adult entertainment. A bachelor party in a place like this may sound a bit cheeky, but it’s definitely one of the most popular ideas for celebrating this special night with the groom. Put the bachelor in the popular “Chair” and unwind with drinks and food platters at the elegant Xtravaganza Private Lounge.

2 Beers and Burgers at the Devil’s Peak Brewery

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For most guys, a place that serves good beers and delicious burgers is an ideal destination for basically any occasion. So, there is no reason why Devil’s Peak Brewery shouldn’t be on your list of bachelor party ideas in Cape Town. Located in Woodstock, Devil’s Peak Brewery boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and offers amazing views of Table Mountain and the surrounding areas. There are plenty of beers on the tap to choose from and the smart bar offers a variety of snacks including chilli poppers, flas-fried broccoli, and Korean chicken lollipops. The burgers are also amazing and you can have them with truffle-parmesan fries.

3 Shark Cage Diving- The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush Adventure

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Test the groom’s courage and see if he is brave enough to have a close encounter with a Great White Shark. The good news is that this adventure is completely safe for the visitors, but will definitely get blood rushing through your veins. Enjoy light snacks and cool drinks at the surface while the groom is getting ready to climb into the cage and make friends with the shark.

4 Go Camping with the Groom

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For an outdoor bachelor bash, organize a camping trip and pack a couple of coolers with ice-cold beers. The good news is that the Western Cape is home to dozens of amazing locations which are ideal for camping. For example, Tankwa Karoo National Park is one of the best places for camping outside the Mother City and offers dramatic scenery and sunset views. Bring some tasty food and build an open fire for the ultimate outdoor bachelor party.

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5 Battlefield Live SA

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One of the most popular laser tag games in the world, Battlefield Live SA is an incredible military simulation that will make you feel like you are participating in a real-life version of war games like Call of Duty and Company of Heroes. If the groom is into action-packed adventures and authentic military actions, this is definitely one the best ideas for his bachelor party. Some of the missions include sniper, capturing the flag, and escorts. The game itself is less painful that bloody paintball and is suitable for both nerds with glasses and jocks.

6 Rent a Party Boat

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There are dozens of great bachelor party ideas in Cape Town and renting a houseboat at SANParks West Coast National Park is one of them. What better way to spend a bachelor weekend than on a boat rental with an open dining area, onboard facilities, and amazing ocean views? Water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and kitesurfing are also available at SANParks West Coast National Park.

7 Abseiling off Table Mountain

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In case you are after a heart-pumping adventure and spectacular views of Camp’s Bay and Chapman’s Peak for a bachelor party, abseiling off Table Mountain is definitely something you should consider adding to your list of bachelor party ideas in Cape Town. This is the highest commercial abseil spot in the world and starts from 1,000m above sea level.

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