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Craving a bit of adventure, join our Table Mountain Abseil Combo

If you are craving adventure and throwing yourself off the side of Table Mountain is not enough, then the Table Mountain Abseil Combo is for YOU. Hikers enjoy Table Mountain throughout the year with every season offering its own special rewards. The Platteklip Gorge hike, although tough and not for the faint hearted offers amazing views and beautiful scenery. Hikers are able to enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by unspoiled nature.

The floral species found on Table Mountain form part of the Fynbos (Fine leaved) biome and are characterised by hard, tough and leathery leaves. More than 70% of these species are endemic to the area and found nowhere else in the world. Fynbos does not support large mammals however smaller mammals such as klipspringer, graysbok, dassies, and Karacal are common.

Table Mountain Hike and Abseil OVERVIEW

1 Guided hike up Platteklip Gorge with a qualified guide
2 Unspoiled nature as you climb
3 Fynbos (Fine leaved) biome
4 Possibility of viewing smaller mammals such as klipspringer & graysbok


Qualified guide
Doing the Abseil


Transport to Table Mountain
Return transport
Cableway ticket

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