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Calling all thrill seekers & adventure enthusiasts!

It’s time to tick shark cage diving in Cape Town off your bucket-list! If you’re looking for a unique, daring and down-right exhilarating ocean adventure, this is it! Our exciting shark cage diving full day tour affords you the incredible opportunity of getting up close and personal with one of the most magnificent predators of the deep blue, the all-mighty Great White Shark.

Not only do you get the exclusive opportunity to witness these remarkable ocean beings in their natural habitat, but you get to do it in one of the world’s most famous Great White Shark hunting grounds, Gansbaai Shark Alley. Being one of the only places in the world where you can witness these striking predators in full force, truly makes it a bucket list worthy experience unlike any other. Shark cage diving in Cape Town has fast become one of the most sought-after adventure experiences, and we’re about to show you exactly why you can’t wait another second to experience it for yourself!

Shark Cage Diving Full Day Tour OVERVIEW

1 Early pick up, Enroute to Gansbaai
2 Breakfast, overview of the day & safety briefing
3 Launch from Gansbaai Harbour
4 Anchor near Shark Alley and start Cage Diving
5 Approx 2 - 3 hours out at sea to enjoy the interaction with one of nature's most awesome predators
6 Viewing of Great White Sharks, Seals, Various Birdlife, and whales in Season
7 Return to Gansbaai Harbour
8 Lunch and viewing of the DVD of the day
9 Collection of Cage Diving certificates (on request)
10 Return to Cape Town


Transport in luxury Air-conditioned vehicle
Continental breakfast on arrival
Snacks on boat
Soft drinks


DVD of the day

What to Expect on the Shark Cage Diving Full Day Tour

Early Departure: Rise & shine, it’s time for a Cape Town adrenalin rush!

(2h 30 min)

We want you to experience every single exciting second of this Cape Town shark cage diving adventure to its fullest extent, and that means an early departure! Giving you a jam-packed shark cage diving tour filled with as much Great White Shark sightings and time spent in the presence of this magnificent ocean predator is our top priority.

We will therefore make our way to Gansbaai, also known as the adventure capital of the Western Cape, nice and early to ensure that’s exactly what you get! Before embarking on your ocean adventure, you will enjoy a delightful breakfast upon arrival in Gansbaai. Once you’re energised and ready for the exciting day ahead, you will receive a full security briefing followed by a thrilling boat trip to the world-renowned Shark Alley, just off the coast of Gansbaai. Get ready, it’s time for a shark cage diving adventure of a lifetime!

Shark Alley: It’s time to shark cage dive


Let the shark cage diving Cape Town adventure begin! A true Western Cape hidden gem, Gansbaai is known as the natural adventure capital of the Western Cape. World-renowned for it’s iconic shark cage diving and whale watching, it also boasts some of the most unique coastlines and marine life sightings in the world. And upon anchoring at Shark Alley, you will get to experience all of it in full force! Keep your eyes open for spectacular sightings of Southern Right Whales, Cape Fur Seals and a varied selection of birdlife, that combined with an exhilarating shark cage diving experience makes this a thrilling adventure you won’t soon forget!

After receiving your wetsuit and diving mask, you’ll be geared up and ready to witness the boldly fierce and beautiful nature of the magnificent Great White Shark from the safety of a cage attached to the boat. Depending on the weather and water conditions, you will spend anywhere between 15-30 minutes in the water with this fierce predator of the South African coast. And the best thing is, you don’t need any prior diving experience to enjoy everything this Great White Shark cage diving adventure has to offer! This is one daring Cape Town experience that is absolutely worth every second of nervous angst, and after a few minutes in the water your incredible adrenalin rush will be the only thing on your mind!

De Brief: Relive this bucket-list experience from a different perspective

(15 min)

Once ticking this truly exhilarating adventure of your bucket list, you will be transported back to Gansbaai Harbour. Here you’ll get to relive every exciting second, nail-biting moment and in-the-action instant of the experience on DVD while enjoying a well-deserved lunch. And if you’d like to share and show-off your daring shark cage diving in Cape Town experience with all your friends and family, we will provide you with a certificate too. This will not only solidity your thrill-seeking status but give you the ultimate bragging-rights to not only taking on one of the most daring adventures in the world but conquering it in every way!

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