10 Unique Experiences for Foodies in Cape Town

Cape Town is a without a doubt one of the most popular foodie destinations in Africa and attracts food lovers from around the world. The city has a hot restaurant scene, boasts dozens of amazing markets, and features numerous food-related events ranging from social table feasts to cooking classes. To satisfy your taste buds, here is our list of 10 unique experiences for foodies in Cape Town.

1 Galbi

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Located on the popular Long Street in Cape Town, Galbi is a Korean Fusion BBQ restaurant that focuses on both South African and Korean dining. Whether you wish to try traditional Korean dishes like Kimchi Buchimgae and Doenjjang Jiggae or braai marinated meats such as warthog, there is plenty to look forward to when visiting Galbi. In case you have some space left for dessert, try the roast marshmallows or s’mores.

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2 Mzoli’s

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


A visit to Mzoli’s is one of the must-have experiences for foodies in Cape Town. This self-serve braai eatery offers a nice selection of raw meats and is one of the most popular braai joints in the city. The procedure here is simple. All you have to do is choose a piece of raw meat from their butchery and the staff will grill the meat on an open fire. What I like about this place is that you can bring your own alcoholic beverages or go to the nearby liquor store to score some booze.

3 Honest Chocolate

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Travelers with a sweet tooth will definitely want to check out the amazing Honest Chocolate shop. This place offers a variety of high-end chocolate products ranging from chocolate bunny chows to dairy-free milkshakes. You can get these chocolate goodies to go or enjoy the sweet stuff in the store. If you wish to make your own chocolate products, attend a bonbon workshop which lasts for about an hour and a half. In the evening, a cool gin bar opens up in the backyard.

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4 Oranjezicht City Farm Market

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


To purchase fresh organic fruit and veggies from small producers, head out to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market. Here, you will also find a nice selection of meats and free-range eggs. We recommend going here on a Saturday morning where local vendors open up their food stalls and sell a wide range of seriously awesome foods like American-style BBQ pulled pork and brisket, gelato, and the Vietnamese specialty, Bahn mi.

5 Lapo’s Kitchen

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


There is no shortage of unique experiences for foodies in Cape Town and a visit to Lapo’s Kitchen is one them. Born in Florence, Chef Lapo Magni used to work all over Italy before opening his kitchen right here in his house in Cape Town. Take a seat at his famed long table and enjoy an unforgettable four-course meal. From free-range beef to mushroom risotto, every dish in his kitchen is crafted to perfection.

6 Plant

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


The Plant is one of our favorite vegan eateries in the city. For breakfast, order their chia seed parfait or go for the vegan BLT with Tempeh rashers. They also have a nice selection of burgers including options such as the mushroom burger and beet burger. As for desserts, Plant is famed for its gluten-free brownies and raw tiramisu.

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7 The Neighbourgoods Market

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Foodies in Cape Town will fall in love with the Woodstock’s Neighbourgoods Market. Open on Saturday mornings inside the Old Biscuit Mill, the market is packed with food vendors selling a wide range of both international and local dishes. Expect to find celebrated local chefs selling their best dishes, as well as bakers, butchers, and even organic gardeners. The market also hosts live music performances and other seasonal events.

8 Gold

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Travellers who are looking for a unique African dining experience will probably want to check out the famous Gold Restaurant in Cape Town. The interior looks inviting and the staff is polite and offers quick service. As for the food, it’s all about the set menu here at Gold. From South African Mandazi and Cameroon Benne chicken salad to the delicious Malawi sweet potato cakes, everything you order here is mouthwatering.

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9 My Sugar

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Chocolate and a coffee bar, My Sugar is a place where you go to get your daily sugar fix. Wish to try hand-crafted artisanal chocolate, an ice cream sandwich, or maybe an extremely thick milkshake? My Sugar never fails to deliver and offers an amazing chocolate and coffee menu.

10 Reverie Social Table

experiences for foodies in Cape Town


Chef Julia Hattingh’s Reverie Social Table has only one table! Okay, it’s actually an 18-seater table where you can have a unique gastronomic experience paired with a bottle of fine wine from local boutique estates. Julia’s menu is simply amazing. The seasonally inspired five courses attract many visitors, so it comes as no surprise that her foodie events are usually sold out.

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