Local Tips for Cheap Eats in Cape Town

There is no shortage of excellent dining options in South Africa’s Cape Town, but eating out in the Mother City does not always come cheap. The truth is that it’s not that easy to find budget-friendly eateries in the city nowadays, so this is one of the main reasons why we’ve decided to handpick the best cheap eats in Cape Town ranging from food courts to small cafes and bistros that serve tasty foods without a hefty price tag.

Cheap Eats in Cape Town

1 Eastern Food Bazaar

best cheap eats in Cape Town


Eastern Food Bazaar is a popular CBD food court-style eatery that specializes in authentic Oriental and Eastern flavors including everything from Turkish and Arabic to Indian and Chinese cuisine. The prices are incredibly low and most of the grubs with sides and a drink will set you back less than R60. Whether you wish to have a bunny chow or fresh kebabs and curry, this place caters for all tastes. The eatery is packed with dozens of counters which feature different types of cuisine and the service is quite fast.

2 Food Lover’s Market

best cheap eats in Cape Town


There are dozens of excellent cheap eats in Cape Town and the Food Lover’s Market is one of them. Ideal for lunch breaks, this market has dozens of food-court-style branches which are strategically located close to office buildings. Expect to find everything from ready-made meals to a variety of fresh fruits and snacks.

3 Café Extrablatt

best cheap eats in Cape Town


Located in Green Point, Café Extrablatt features an extensive menu of meaty dishes, burgers, seafood platters, and pizza at affordable prices. Make sure to try the authentic currywurst sausage which is served in a curry-spiced tomato sauce for just R80. There are also a couple of vegetarian options including the mouth-watering pesto pasta which will set you back R80.

4 Kalky’s Fish & Chips

best cheap eats in Cape Town


Head out to the seaside suburb of Kalk Bay to find the amazing Kalky’s Fish & Chips food institution. Everything here is reasonably priced including traditional plates of fish and chips and large seafood platters for two. Wash all of that down with a refreshing pint of beer or a large bottle of soda. This may not be the healthiest dinner option, but the food here at Kalky’s Fish & Chips is delicious and cheap.

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5 Narona

best cheap eats in Cape Town


If you are looking for an affordable dining option in Cape Town, Narona is definitely a place worth checking out. They have two small branches in the city; one is located in the Suburbs edgy Observatory, while the other location can be found in the Gardens. On the menu, expect to find a variety of meaty and vegan pizza, as well as dozens of pie, burger, and pasta options. For example, a portion of a generously topped pie will set you back not more than R70, while the cheese and bacon burger costs R58. Try the penne pasta for R60 or go for the tramezinni that costs R52.

6 Fish on the Rocks

best cheap eats in Cape Town


Located in Hout Bay, Fish on the Rocks is one of the best cheap eats in Cape Town for visitors who are into fish and chips. The menu hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years and this fish and chip institution still offers great value for your money. It’s all about different food combos here. For instance, a large portion of calamari and chips will set you back little over R50.

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