We Love Kalk Bay in Cape Town (And You Should, Too)

Have you seen the amazing Cape Town Tourism Love Cape Town Neighbourhood Series video of Kalk Bay in Cape Town? It features local muso Arno Carstens, and takes you through some of this fascinating area’s top highlights. If you have ever been to this area (or you’re thinking of visiting), this video is sure to give you even more reason to pay a visit and spot some seals, browse some art galleries and enjoy a bite to eat at a cosy bakery!

Have a look below to watch this awesome five and a bit minute long Kalk Bay video…

Here at ComeToCapeTown.com, it’s no secret that we love all neighbourhoods in our beloved Mother City. While I can’t speak for the rest of the time, I can personally say that Kalk Bay has long held a special place in my heart. This was where I spent a lot of time as a teenager, where I go to enjoy the best oysters in town (side note: if you love oysters as much as I do, Brass Bell on the Main Road is where to go), where my dad’s band sometimes played (also at Brass Bell), and where my mom took me and my sister as kids to go to the beach. So, needless to say, I love this neighbourhood long time.

What to See and Do in Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Arno Carstens does a very good job of pointing out some of the hotspots in the video above, but there are plenty of other places worth mentioning as well. Here are my own personal top picks for what to see and do in Kalk Bay…

* Brass Bell/Harbour House. Remember those oysters I mentioned? This is where you can get your own delicious taste of the ocean. They have an oyster tank downstairs (Brass Bell) and serve them at Harbour House as well as the downstairs area. But what makes this spot amazing is not just its fresh seafood, chips and food. Huge windows give you an incredible view of the ocean below, with waves crashing in close distance. During whale season, you can even spot whales out here. In winter, the waves get stormy and huge – sometimes crashing in to the restaurant. Live music, a chilled vibe and good prices add the final touch to what is sure to be a rewarding dining experience… summer, winter or any other season of the year.

* Olympia Cafe & Deli. This little spot has to-die-for baked goods (for those who are not banting), along with good coffee, a cosy atmosphere and a pretty epic deli. It is unpretentious and focused on the food, which is how it should be. An old friend’s sister used to work there a while ago, and we spent a fair amount of time there. I’ve also been back a few times after that, so I can speak from some experience as to how good their food is (especially those tempting baked goods… sigh).

 * Tidal Pool. Kalk Bay beach has a lovely tidal pool that is great for swimming. It has been there as long as anyone can remember, and I have memories of swimming in it as a kid… being freaked out by fish swimming nearby. The tidal pool is fairly sheltered, and is situated near the station, just below Brass Bell. Parental supervision is needed for kids, but it is safe for swimming as long as kids are not left unattended.

* Ice Cafe. If you’re in the mood for ice cream, the Ice Cafe is where to go. This ice cream shop has lots of flavour options, and is centrally located off the Main Road in Colyn Road. After a day of walking about and checking out shops and art galleries, an ice cream cone is just what you need. In summer these are especially essential.

* Kalk Bay Theatre. Situated in the old Kalk Bay DR church, this theatre includes a 78 seat theatre as well as an on-site restaurant. It is located on the Main Road and is generally open in the evening. Dinner and show nights are held often – call +27 (0)73 220 5430 to learn more about upcoming shows.

All in all, Kalk Bay in Cape Town is a lovely place to visit, however long you plan to stay. A nice way to get there and back is to catch a train from the Cape Town CBD or another location on the southern suburbs line. The route runs along the coast from Muizenberg, and is truly lovely for anyone who wants to see the ocean by train. You can learn more about trains in our post on Cape Town by train.

Have you been to Kalk Bay? Share your favourite places and sights in the comment and let us know why you love this Cape Town neighbourhood!


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