Cape Town’s Best Microbreweries

The craft beer scene in South Africa’s Mother City is in full bloom and the best place to sit down and have a cold one is at one of the many craft microbreweries in Cape Town. Whether you are a fan of IPA’s or you wish to have a cold craft stout beer from the tap, there is something for everyone here. Let’s take a look at some of the best microbreweries in Cape Town.

1 Boston Breweries

microbreweries in Cape Town

Founded in 2000, Boston Breweries is located in Paarden Eiland and produces a significant number of different craft beers. Their brewery is definitely one of the coolest beer spots to visit in Cape Town, as it has both a tap and a tasting room. They have also upgraded their space to use plenty of solar power.

2 Stone Circle Brewery

microbreweries in Cape Town

Next on our list of the best microbreweries in Cape Town is the fabulous Stone Circle Brewery. Located in Gardens, this place boasts 5 taps behind the bar and there is always something new and fresh to try here. The main brewer, Nick is a friendly guy who is always more than happy to recommend what to try here and is quite knowledgeable about all types of craft  beer.

3 Darling Brew

microbreweries in Cape Town

One of the oldest and most popular breweries in the city, Darling Brew is a must-visit place for all craft beer enthusiasts. This lovely brewery is located in Darling and features a nicely designed tasting room where you can try an impressive range of specialty brews, lagers, and ales. To pair your favorite beer with some food, try something from their braii inspired menu. Keep in mind that this joint is quite popular and reservations are highly recommended, especially on the weekends.

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4 Woodstock Brewery

microbreweries in Cape Town

Capetonians are in love with Woodstock ale. This is the signature craft beer here at the Woodstock Brewery which is located in the suburbs of the same name. There are usually around 10 of their own craft beers available to sample including the limited editions of their seasonal ales.  In case you get hungry, the brewery is adjacent to the Woodstock Grill and Bar where you can pair your beer with tour favorite grub. Travelers who are planning to check out this place during the summer season will be happy to hear that there is a nice beer garden outside.

5 Brewer’s Coop

microbreweries in Cape Town

Located right on Albert Road in Woodstock Brewer’s Coop is a cooperatively-owned microbrewery that offers beer entrepreneurs and other enthusiasts to prepare small batches of beers and then sell them to customers. The brewery itself produces small batches of craft cider and beers and the atmosphere inside the venue is quite friendly and relaxing.

6 Aegir Project Brewery

microbreweries in Cape Town

Head out to Noordhoek and visit the fabulous powerhouse microbrewery known as the Aegir Project Brewery. This place makes a range of brews with unique names and they have super cool labels for all of their beers. They are still a small operation, but the beers here are tasty and they also offer a nice selection of tasty snacks.

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