The Best Cocktail Bars in Cape Town in 2020

With a thriving nightlife scene, it comes as no surprise that South Africa’s Mother City is home to many extraordinary cocktail bars. From hole-in-the-wall joints to swanky rooftop retreats serving experimental cocktails and vintage drinks, there is plenty to choose from for all your cocktail freaks out there. Whether you wish to enjoy sunset and ocean views from a cocktail bar that offers much-loved classics like the Pina Colada and Mojito or find a hidden speakeasy establishment where you can observe the mixologists at work, here is my list of the best cocktail bars in Cape Town.

1 The Gin Bar

cocktail bars in Cape Town

Specializing in local and international gins, Cape Town’s Gin Bar is located just behind the popular Honest Chocolate Café. This sweet little joint is a true paradise for everyone who is into G&Ts. Step inside the small inner-city courtyard to enjoy your favorite gin cocktail prepared by professionals. There are also a couple of special artisan cocktails available on the menu. The Gin Bar is without a doubt one of the most popular gin and cocktail bars in Cape Town in 2020.

2 Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

cocktail bars in Cape Town

If you are looking for a chick and cool bar serving experimental cocktails, a visit to the Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen is simply a must. Observe mixologists as they use modernistic techniques and creativity to prepare a variety of cocktails ranging from spicy and bitter to floral and umami flavors. Go for the Crouching Lion Hidden Gecko cocktail or order one of the lab-inspired drinks that arrive with props and smoke. This specialist drinks bar also has a large collection of award-winning brandies and vermouth.

3 The House of Machines

cocktail bars in Cape Town

Have you ever been to a bar that looks like an inner-city motorbike shop and serves extraordinary cocktails? I guess probably not. Therefore, a visit to the House of Machine should definitely be included your Cape Town cocktail bar travel itinerary. Located in the city center, the House as the locals like calling it offers a wide range of drinks including their signature cocktails like Negroni and Old Fashioned. As for the interior, it’s all about subway tiles, exposed bricks, and dim lighting which make a perfect setting for sipping on refreshing cocktails with friends and family. Apart from cocktails, the bar offers craft beers and live music.

4 Chinchilla Rooftop Bar

cocktail bars in cape town in 2020

If your idea of having a good time includes drinking a cocktail while enjoying spectacular sunset and ocean views, make sure to visit the awesome Chinchilla Rooftop Bar which is situated right above the Bilboa restaurant. With an exotic vibe and a beautiful interior that makes you feel like you’ve been transferred to a remote island in the Caribbean, this legendary rooftop bar in Cape Town offers a vast cocktail menu with both classics like Mojito and Pina Colada and experimental cocktails like Cherry Sours. In case you are visiting for the views and not for the cocktails, they also have a short and reasonably priced wine list.

5 Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

cocktail bars in cape town in 2020

One of the most famous cocktail bars in Cape Town in 2020, the Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar is all about three things: stunning cocktails, magnificent inner-city views, and a beautiful interior with a shrine-inspired scarlet red bar. The Japanese-inspired cocktails they make here are seriously awesome, as well as the electronic-indie music playlist blasting from the speakers. Since this place is located atop two excellent Japanese restaurants, visitors can look forward to tasty foods like bowls of otsumami, sticky pork belly, and mushroom tempura.

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