World Cup Flights 24/7

There will be planes in the South African sky from morning to night during the soccer World Cup this year, South African Airways said.
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“SAA plans to run a 24-hour operation during the World Cup in order to accommodate scheduled match times and passenger movements around these,” said SAA spokeswoman Azure Janneker.

Janneker said the airline was working with Match – the official provider of tickets, accommodation and logistics for the World Cup – to assist with transport.

It was still uncertain whether extra planes or pilots would be hired for the cup period.

Janneker said ticket prices would be based on the pricing structure currently offered.

Last month, SAA and Match signed a co-operation agreement.

According to this, SAA will provide 45000 return flights for Match customers to fly between Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and between Durban and Cape Town.

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source: timeslive

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