This South African Travel Video Will Give You Goose Bumps

I am a sucker for videos that give me the feels, and after getting a bit choked up at the incredible beauty of this South African travel video, I had to share it so that you too, could get the feels. Made by German travel vlogger Marko Roth, in conjunction with iTravel, this video showcases some of the country’s most breath-taking sights. And yes, Cape Town is included!

[Watch for that moment in South Africa by Marko Roth on Vimeo]

Wildlife, oceans, nature, beautiful people, sunsets, cities, landmarks, open spaces, blue skies… this video captures the essence of our beautiful land to perfection. Have a watch, and get blown away by South Africa’s vast beauty. Even as a born and raised local, I cannot help but feel eternally grateful to live in such a fascinating, breath-taking, diverse place.

Welcome to South Africa – A Beautifully Filmed Travel Video

In his early 20s, Marko Roth is an avid traveller and film maker who has a passion for seeing the world through the eyes of a lens. He has made a number of excellent travel videos in his ‘for that moment’ series. The South Africa travel video includes footage from Johannesburg, Cape Town and other areas, such as the Drakensberg and Kruger National Park.

Here is what Marko has to say about his visit to Cape Town:

Past some steep and rough mountains, semi-deserts, small colonial charm places, the next highlight follows after 1.600 kilometers. Mother City – the city of all cities in South Africa. Considering it’s long history it can hardly be surprising that over the centuries Cape Town became a multicultural place.

If you want to discover how young, hip South Africans live then you should visit Woodstock. A former working-class district with a special atmosphere that makes it Cape Town’s counterpart to Bushwick (New York City) or Kreuzberg (Berlin). Between many galleries, start-up offices and restaurants you find the Old Biscuit Mill. Exhibitions, live concerts, holy shit – there is always something special happening.

Cape Town has become the enthusiastic scene of creative people and areas. As soon as the sun sets restaurants and bars open their windows and doors, locals come onto the streets. The city remains alive and vibrant.

We love seeing Cape Town videos… especially when they provide insight into the huge amount that the Mother City has to offer its visitors. If you’re keen to see some of the other travel videos we have shared on our blog, here are some top picks to get you started.

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Do you have any amazing videos of Cape Town? Share your suggestions below and let us know!

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