Amazing Food Safari Cape Town Video (And Bonus Tips on Cape Cuisine!)

Swiss couple Stephan and Nina recently shared a truly amazing video entitled “Food Safari – Cape Town”  that has since gone viral. And, once you have a watch, you will soon see why this video has become such a huge hit!

Filled with delicious meals, beautiful scenery, magical moments and all of that other good stuff that has made Cape Town a continual favourite on the top holiday destinations list, this video documents the couple’s holiday and was filmed by Swiss film maker Stefan Rüeg for Kuoni’s project Elsewhere, with a soundtrack that includes Trop Fox by Jeremy Loops and the Yebo Boys.

On Kuoni, Stefan discussed his trip, calling Cape Town “beautiful” and paying note of its “staggering” foodie offerings, amazing wines, incredible scenery, and of course, its diversity of wildlife, climate and people. He summed up his favourite moments of his trip to Cape Town in three words: “Essen, essen, essen”, which means “Food, food, food”.

Why Foodies Love Cape Town Cuisine (And Why You Will, Too)

“[South Africa’s] good food with the superb wine make this country an unforgettable experience,” says Stefan after his second visit to South Africa. He noted that the city is geographically ideal for shooting films (we have to agree – see our page on filming in Cape Town!), learnt a few choice slang phrases, ate lots of good meals and enjoyed fine wines.

While many visitors who come to the Mother City are equally blown away by its wonderful range of cuisine influences, scenic highlights, cultures and other charms, not all of them have the film skills to make such lovely ‘homages’ to the city. Like most locals, we are suckers for videos that showcase our city so well, and watching this made all of us get those warm and fuzzy feelings.

It also made us think of how lucky we are to be based somewhere that can easily be considered a foodie travel destination. What is it about Cape Town cuisine that is so delicious and enticing? Let’s take a look…

– It is authentic. From Malay curries cooked up in the Bo Kaap to braai’d slabs of meat at Mzoli’s in the Cape Townships, this is food that has direct roots to the city’s rich blend of cultures. Afrikaans, Xhosa, Malay, Indian and many other flavours abound, resulting in a range of dining options that are authentic and truly South African.

– It is accessible. Whether you’re in the mood for fancy 5-star meals or something quick and easy from a street food truck, finding good food is easy in Cape Town. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, markets, cafes, tiny takeout joints, tapas bars, oyster bars, food trucks, home-based eateries… you name it, you can likely find it.

– It is (generally) good for you. Not to mention, often organic and free-range, too. Markets and small-scale eateries are moving forward with many sustainable menu options, which include organic free-range meat and dairy, craft breweries, micro mills, organic farms and villages and plenty of other options. Ingredients are very often grown locally as well, with plenty of seasonal choices to be found.

That’s not to say that the city doesn’t have its share of mainstream junk food chains and terrible restaurants. Every city in the world has to deal with those. For those who love exploring and trying new things however, Cape Town cuisine is simply out of this world… and that is something that locals and visitors both agree on when enjoying local meals!



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