8 ‘Snug’ Cape Town Wine Bars That Are Perfect For Chilly Nights

It’s time to explore Cape Town’s trendy wine bar scene like you never have before! Are you ready for it? There is absolutely no denying the fact that Cape Town is any wine lover’s dream destination. Besides the fact that the Western Cape is home to the largest and most unique wine producing region in Africa. It boasts an amazing variety of award-winning Wine Estates, incredible wine routes, exceptional wine and indulgent food and wine pairing experiences.

The Mother City’s has taken her wine love affair to the next level with a thrilling and thriving wine bar scene that’s sweeping the city streets. No wonder the city captures the hearts of head-over-heels wine lovers from around the world.

Cape Town wine bars

Cape Town’s unique and exciting selection of wine bars has added a whole new dimension to the Mother City’s unwavering wine culture. The beautiful city has given local and global wine enthusiasts the opportunity to dive deeper, explore, taste and experience Cape Town’s authentic wine scene like they never have before.

Let’s take a look at some snug Cape Town wine bars that are perfect for chilly nights.

1. Openwine


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Openwine has fast established itself as one of the trendiest and sought-after wine bars in Cape Town’s vibrant inner-city. Located on the corner of Bree Street and Wale Street, right in the heart of the Mother City, Openwine is described as a ‘Taste Pair Shop’. It is on a passionate wine mission to introduce Capetonians and global wine lovers to a new way of experiencing the local South African world of wine. Thus, it prides themselves on offering wine enthusiasts from all walks of life an incredible & unique selection of wines to taste & enjoy.

Besides being a trendy inner-city one-stop wine spot. Openwine is actually the very first Enoteca in Cape Town. How incredible is that? But, that’s not all. Openwine is divided into three main sections, the bar, lounge and cellar. It offers something for every avid wine lover to enjoy, paired with a truly unique Cape Town wine experience.

In addition to an exceptional and exciting range of wine, Openwine is also known for their amazing taste in music, unique boutique wines and great food selection. It also features an incredible atmosphere and vibe that makes you feel right at home from the very moment you arrive. So, whether you’re looking to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience in the heart of the inner-city, sit back, relax and savour every sip of an exceptional glass of Cape Vino at one of Cape Town’s trendiest wine bars. Or merely looking to purchase a sensational bottle of local wine.

Openwine is the perfect city-centre wine spot to do it all. Not to mention the fact that it is also one of the best Cape Town wine bars that is perfect for a chilly night out on the town.

2. Grub & Vine


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Grub and Vine has fast become one of the most sought-after wine bars and bistros in Cape Town’s lively city-centre. Not only making it one of the coolest spots in town, but one of the best inner-city wine bars for wine lovers from all around the world. In addition to being one of the trendiest wine bars and bistros in Cape Town. Grub and Vine gives you the opportunity to experience the Mother City’s fine dining scene in a whole new and exciting way.

With Michelin-trained chef Matt Manning adding his culinary magic to the mix, diners can expect an incredible selection of world-class cuisine that will have you savouring every bite. But besides sensational cuisines, Grub and Vine boasts a truly exceptional selection of wine that will have local and global wine lovers jumping at the bid to taste as many of them as possible. This incredible Cape Town wine bar offers an incredible, yet relatable, wine lists that ranges from amazing small-cellar finds, a variety of big names and a procession of beautiful French choices. All of which will have wine lovers savouring every sip.

Even if you don’t know a single thing about wine, Grub and Vine’s warm, welcoming and incredibly vibrant staff will be there to guide you every step of the way throughout your Cape Town wine journey. The bar invites wine lovers from all walks of life to come together and celebrate Cape Town’s local wine culture in the coolest way.

Perfectly complimented by a beautifully intimate setting. Grub and Vine promises an unrivalled wine bar and bistro experience filled with spectacular wine, world-class cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere for an unforgettable afternoon or evening spent in the heart of the Mother City. Not to mention the fact that Grub and Vine is without a doubt one of the top Cape Town wine bars that are perfect for chilly nights out in the city.

3. Frogitt & Vonkel


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Another one of Cape Town’s coolest and most popular local wine bars is without a doubt Frogitt and Vonkel. While this wine bar might be the new kid on the wine bar block, only opening their doors in 2018, it certainly didn’t take long to establish itself as a major Cape Town wine bar contender.

With people flocking to this trendy inner-city spot to experience just a second of it’s cool wine bar magic, laid-back vibe and spectacular selection of unique wines first-hand. It boasts a truly exceptional wine list, featuring over 30 local and international wines.

Frogitt and Vonkel has something for every head-over-heels wine lover to sip, savour and enjoy. And the fact that all their wines can be enjoyed by the bottle or glass, means visitors to this sought-after wine bar can choose to enjoy a wild wine night out. Or simply sit back, relax and enjoy an exceptional glass or two of Cape vino.

In addition to an amazing and exciting selection of unique wines, Frogitt & Vonkel offers guests the best combination of old-school local charm, paired with a trendy vibe and vibrant atmosphere. The classic surroundings of an old building are therefore perfectly complimented by the fun atmosphere of pool, darts and board games.

Besides a thrilling wine tasting journey in an authentic setting, visitors to Grub and Vine can therefore expect to enjoy an exciting and fun-filled night out in the Mother City. All paired with really good wine of course! What more do you really need?

4. Publik Wine Bar


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Located on one of Cape Town’s trendiest streets, along Kloof Nek Road, Publik Wine Bar has undoubtedly established itself as one of the coolest wine bar hotspots in Cape Town. The bar boasts an abundance of wine, ranging from local and organic to sophisticated and top tier.

There is something that’s bound to steal every head-over-heels wine lover’s heart from the very first sip. But by far the coolest thing about this sought-after Cape Town wine bar is their love and passion for celebrating local South African wines every way they can.

In addition to their incredible selection of local South African wines, local and global wine enthusiasts can always expect to try something new and unique on the local wine scene when visiting this trendy inner-city wine bar. As they are all about keeping things fresh, fun and exciting as people taste, experience and immerse themselves in Cape Town’s thrilling local wine culture. Thus, this makes a visit to Publik Wine Bar nothing if not a great adventure!

Although it’s one of the Mother City’s best wine bars to visit any time of the year. Public Wine Bar is one the top Cape Town wine bars that is perfect for chilly nights out when the summer starts to fade away.

5. Proof Wine Bar


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Proof Wine Bar is another one of Cape Town’s coolest wine bars that has captivated the hearts of both local and international wine lovers. However, Proof Wine Bar has brought something truly unique to the Cape Town wine scene by being South Africa’s first crowd-funded wine bar. How incredible is that?

This authentic Cape Town wine bar started out with the dream of bringing the diversity of the local wine estates into the heart of Somerset West by injecting life (and wine) into the after-hours of the beautiful Winelands town.

Today Proof has not only established itself as an intimate and unique wine and craft beer bar; but a beloved local hangout spot for wine and craft beer lovers from around the world. Offering unique varieties of exceptional wine, refreshing local craft beers, cocktails and tasty tapas, this wine bar is most certainly well-worth a visit.

6. La Boheme Wine Bar


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Situated in the trendy suburb of Sea Point, La Boheme Wine Bar has become a popular wine bar hangout for Atlantic Seaboard locals, an after-work glass of vino, weekend wine shenanigans or travellers looking for the perfect inner-city wine bar. With a focus on showcasing some of the best local wines the Cape Winelands has to offer.

La Boheme offers wine lovers an exceptional variety of wines mostly from the highly acclaimed Cape Winelands towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. With a few unique sparkling wines and champagnes included in the impressive line-up. This captivating and sought-after Cape Town wine bar has plenty of by-the-glass options as well as some easy drinking quaffers for lazy lunches, offering something for every wine lover to enjoy.

7. Bascule Whiskey & Wine Bar


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Located right on the water’s edge in the heart of the vibrant V&A Waterfront, the Bascule Whiskey and Wine bar is not only one of the Mother City’s best wine bars any time of the year. But also one of the top Cape Town wine bars that is perfect for chilly nights out on the town. Known as one of the Mother City’s top wine spots to find some of the best wine in Cape Town. It’s no surprise that the Bascule Whiskey and Wine Bar has become one of the most sought-after hotspots in town for locals and travellers alike.

Bascule truly is the perfect place to sit back, relax and savour some exceptional wine and tapas. Boasting a truly impressive and varied wine list with a range of incredible wines to enjoy by the bottle or glass. It’s a great place to indulge in Cape Town’s authentic wine culture all while admiring the stunning V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain views. What more could you possibly ask for?

8. Montegray & Independents


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Besides being one the most sought-after Cape Town wine bars, Montegray and Independents, situated in the charismatic Cape Winelands town of Stellenbosch, is widely known as one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ wine bars in the Mother City too.

With a name that is every bit as unique as the setting itself, this authentic Cape Town wine bar should be on every wine lover’s bucket-list. The name comes from two elements – Montegray, which refers to a single vineyard wine range offering from the creative winemakers at Bartinney Wine & Champagne Bar. While Independents refers to a selection of winemakers whose wines are available for tasting in the bar on a rotating basis.

Besides the fact that this beautifully curated wine bar has become one of the top wine bars in Cape Town. It also gives wine lovers the opportunity to travel a little bit outside of the city and into the beautiful Cape Winelands.

In addition to an enjoyable afternoon or evening of sampling some of the best wines the Mother City wine scene has to offer. You get to admire the unapologetic beauty of one of the most magnificent Cape Winelands towns of Stellenbosch too. A visit to Montegray & Independents in Stellenbosch is therefore absolutely worth it and deserves to be one every wine enthusiast’s Cape Town wine bucket list.

With a wine culture that is both unique and exciting, how can you not want to explore, experience and taste your way through each and every wine bar the Mother City has to offer. Boasting some of the most exceptional wines in the Western Cape, stunning settings, beautiful backdrops and a vibrant energy that fills the air. Exploring Cape Town’s thriving and thrilling wine bar scene will be one incredible adventure you won’t soon forget. And these 8 top Cape Town wine bars will make your wine journey through Cape Town a whole lot more memorable.

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