Getting Around Cape Town – Uber, Cabs and Rikkis

We have written about the MyCiti buses before (click here to see the post), but what other options do you have for getting around Cape Town quickly and cheaply? Luckily for you, there are a number of transport options that don’t cost a fortune. Whether you need to get from A to B in a hurry, or you’re looking for a safe ride home after a night out, it’s always useful to know your options.

getting around Cape Town

From the hugely popular Uber taxis that are cropping up in almost every city across the world, to regular cabs and Rikki taxis, we take a look at some of the quick and cheap transport options that are found within Cape Town. This will give you a better idea of what you can typically expect to pay, how you can get your ride and what to expect from each option in general.

Uber Cape Town

The global Uber domination is showing no signs of slowing down, and its Cape Town service is every bit as enticing as its international services. Instead of hailing a cab on the street or calling for one, you simply download the app on iTunes, Play Store or Windows and book your cab online. What has made this option a hit is its affordability as well as its easy booking system. On the downside, peak hours can be pricier due to their surge pricing. If you are an avid app fan and social user, this is sure to be a good choice for you. There are two choices on offer – UberX or UberBlack. NOTE: Our pricing guide has been updated since the original article was published – correct prices are as follows: 

* UberX: R5.00 base fare / R20 min fare / R0.70 per minute / R7.00 per kilometre
* UberBlack: R15.00 base fare / R50 min fare / R1.10 per minute / R11.00 per kilometre

View the Uber Cape Town website to get more information on how it works.

UPDATE: We have partnered with Uber to bring all new users a fantastic deal when signing up with the special ComeToCT promo code… Sign up with this code and get a first free ride of up to R150! Check out all the details over here.

Cape Town Cabs

On Long Street or anywhere else in the City Centre, you will see loads of cabs. These range from licensed, reliable companies such as Excite Taxis (one of my long-time favourites) to somewhat dodgy unmetered cabs that are often unmarked too and run by foreign nationals. You can call for cabs, or simply grab one in the street when you see that it’s free.

Rates vary depending on the area and where you want to go – for quick trips in the City Bowl for instance, you could pay between R30 and R50, but if you want to go further out, to the airport or Winelands let’s say, you could end up paying a lot more. Always check the per kilometre rate BEFORE getting into the cab – if you can, get a fixed rate before the meter starts. Some of the unmetered cabs can give you a flat rate that could be good (or ridiculously high, depending on how it goes) if you ask upfront but will be more likely to charge you crazy prices when you get to your destination if you don’t check before you get in. If you are travelling alone, it is better to use a proper, marked and licensed taxi (especially if you are a woman), just to be on the safe side.

Rikkis Taxis

Then there are the ubiquitous Rikkis that are often seen in and around the city. These work much the same as regular taxis, except that they are often shared. Over the years, the franchise has grown and improved its offering to include door-to-door rides in quirky London style yellow cabs that are offered at decent rates.

Drivers are all experienced and qualified, with cabs fitted with safety features to ensure optimal security on the road. Transfer services to the airport and other major destinations are also offered. Pre-booked shared rides for anything from 2 to 22 people are offered too, which are ideal for group tours, parties or other functions. Monthly accounts can be arranged as well as for regular travellers.

View the Rikkis Taxis website to find out more about pricing, bookings and routes.

Looking for other ways to get around Cape Town? Check out our article about Cape Town trains for a fun way to explore the beautiful False Bay coastal region or travel at your own pace with our great car hire options.

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