Cape Town’s Best BBQ Hot off the Grill

If you think that Americans are big on fall-off-the-bone ribs and other BBQ delicacies, you probably haven’t been to South Africa’s Cape Town. Locally known as braii, the barbecue scene in the Mother City is a real delight. Whether you wish to try a rack of pork belly ribs or slow-cooked lamb, there is something for every BBQ foodie visiting Cape Town. To help you choose where to go, I’ve rounded up some of the best BBQ places in Cape Town.

1 The Butcher Shop & Grill

BBQ places in Cape Town

Head out to Mouille Point where you will find the fabulous Butcher Shop & Grill steakhouse. They offer a variety of meat dishes including signature options such as sticky pork riblets and pork spare ribs grilled with a smoky barbecue. You can also order steaks of different cuts and sizes from their counter. As for the starters, make sure to try their mouthwatering chicken liver. If there is space left for dessert, I recommend opting for the local malva pudding. The Butcher Shop & Grill has two wine cellars on-site, so it comes as no surprise that their wine list is quite extensive. Besides wine, their serve whiskey, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks.

2 The Hussar Grill

BBQ places in Cape Town

With six branches across the Mother City, The Hussar Grill is one of the most famous BBQ places in Cape Town.  Whether you wish to try their signature Carpetbagger steak with smoked mussels and cheese filling or go for the pork belly ribs, everything on the menu here at the Hussar Grill is simply amazing. What’s also great about this place is that it’s not expensive at all. For example, you can get 400g of spare ribs for just R155. As for the interior, expect to find white tablecloths and comfortable seating.

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3 Sticky Fingers BBQ

BBQ places in Cape Town

Are you in the mood for a portion of delicious ribs? Book a table at the Sticky Fingers BBQ, one of the most famous rib joints in South Africa’s Cape Town. Here, barbecue pork ribs are offered with French fries, crispy onion rings, or with sweet potato price and they are extremely delicious. If you are a fan of beef, go for the 300 gr barbecue-style ribs. Visitors who prefer eating after having a couple of drinks in the evening will be happy to hear that Sticky Fingers BBQ works until late hours.

4 Hog House Brewing Company

BBQ places in Cape Town

It seems that beer fanatics also know their way around BBQ. Welcome to Hog House Brewing Company, a magnificent brewery where mouthwatering slow-cooked meat is served alongside excellent craft beers. For an appetizer, I recommend the crispy pig’s tail which is all covered in a sticky maple glaze. Another favorite from their starter menu is the sticky lamb ribs in sweet BBQ bourbon marinade. As for the main dishes, pork spare ribs are definitely the best choice. Pair a portion of these with corn roasted on fire or chips with truffle aioli and you won’t be disappointed. For dessert, order the house specialty pasteis de nata.

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5 Da Vinci’s on Kloof

BBQ places in Cape Town

No list of the best BBQ places in Cape Town would be complete without mentioning the one and only Da Vinci’s on Kloof Street. For starters, I usually go for mushrooms Romano. They are also plenty of small deep-fried foods available on their starter menu. Their main menu is extensive with options ranging from pizza and salad meals to burgers. However, the ribs here are fantastic and always worth ordering. It seems that Da Vinci’s has crafted its secret BBQ sauce to perfection.

For more ideas on where to eat, you can also have a look at our guide to the best restaurants in Cape Town, along with our best restaurants by neighbourhood guide. Alternatively, get in touch if you’d like assistance planning the perfect holiday in Cape Town. We are always here to help our guests, whether it is booking at the best restaurants in Cape Town or arranging tours.



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