The Best Weekday Breakfast Spots in Cape Town

Capetonians take their breakfast fix very serious, so it comes as no surprise that South Africa’s Mother City is home to many amazing places that specialize in the so-called “most important meal of the day”. From hipster eateries where you can try a unique and nicely decorated morning meal made from locally sourced seasonal ingredients to casual eateries that serve classics like the Full English breakfast and bakeries that have a nice selection of pastries, there is no shortage of excellent breakfast spots in Cape Town.

1 Loading Bay

breakfast spots in Cape Town

Located in De Waterkant district, Loading Bay is both a chic eatery and a contemporary boutique and an Aesop shop. The good news is that the breakfast menu is available throughout the day and includes a range of interesting meals.

Try the mighty breakfast burger that comes with cheese, bacon, grilled banana, and eggs or go for the tasty buttermilk pancakes. We also liked their poached eggs, as well as the fermented sourdough with different toppings and the coconut porridge.

2 Jason Bakery

breakfast spots in Cape Town

No list of breakfast spots would be complete without mentioning the famous bakery of Bree Street, the popular Jason Bakery. Their pastries are simply perfect and they have their own hybrids like the mouthwatering croissant/éclair.

Don’t get me even started on their sandwiches and pies which are crazy delicious. The hardest thing to do here is to choose what to have. Should we have a croissant stuffed with bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese or maybe go for the doughsant hybrid instead? It doesn’t matter, because, in the end, everything you order here is going to be extremely tasty.

3 Clarke’s

breakfast spots in Cape Town

A popular spot for breakfast on Bree Street, Clarke’s is a must-visit eatery in Cape Town. From their weekly specials like eggs, toast, coffee and orange juice to the tasty French toast croissants, there is something for everyone.

On the breakfast menu, you will also find foods like mac ‘n cheese and grapefruit brûlée. It is worth mentioning that they bake their bread which is made from the freshest ingredients. The interior with cute plants and wooden tables looks very inviting.

4 Hemelhuijs

breakfast spots in Cape Town

Opened in 2010, Hemelhuijs offers a creative seasonal breakfast menu which is served all day long. From poached eggs with artichokes to cinnamon and oats with yogurt, there are many breakfast options to choose from. We also liked their breakfast burger with wagyu beef and the squeezed carrot juice.

If you wish to try local breakfast specialties, we recommend ordering Mosbolletjie toast. Dishes at Hemelhuijs are reasonably priced, so you should expect to spend between R30 and R80 for breakfast. As for the décor, they tend to change it now and then and it always looks great.

5 Ta-Da!

breakfast spots in Cape Town

Hout Bay’s Ta-Da! crêperie bar and café is one of my favorite crêperie breakfast spots in Cape Town. We usually opt for the melted fudge with toasted almonds and banana and a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

In case you wish to overeat for breakfast, just tell them to bring you the signature Fat Freddy which consists of a scrambled egg, tomato relish, salami, corn, spicy jalapenos, and mozzarella cheese. Want to hear more good news? Ta-Da! serves breakfast from the morning to 5 pm.

6 Nourish’d

breakfast spots in Cape Town

Nourish’d is definitely one of the most laidback cafes on this list of breakfast spots in Cape Town. Located in Gardens behind a bunch of hanging plants, Nourish’d is one of those rustic joints where no one seems to be in a rush. The atmosphere is laid back and more importantly, the breakfast food they make here is amazing.

The menu is quite simple and includes things like toasts, coconut dishes, and cold-pressed juices. Their breakfast bowls are also mouthwatering and every dish on the menu is made from locally-grown ingredients. We hear they have one more branch in Observatory, so make sure to check it out.

7 Swan Café

breakfast spots in Cape Town

Swan Café is the first Parisian crêperie in Cape Town and a must-visit place when hunting for breakfast in the Mother City. The interior was designed by a local designer called Haldane Martin and looks resembles a real traditional French café/bar.

As for the food, the smell of crepe batter in the mornings just sweeps you off your feet.  They also have a few gluten-free foods on the breakfast menu, which means that even conscious foodies won’t stay hungry.

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