Best Places to Find Locally Brewed Beers on Tap in Cape Town

Although South Africa is well-known for its excellent wine culture, Capetonians have accepted the whole global craft beer revolution and they love it. The city is home to many independent breweries offering everything from double IPA’s and fruity brews to refreshing local lagers. Wondering where to try locally brewed beers on tap in the Mother City? This insider’s guide takes to the best taprooms and craft beer bars in Cape Town.

1 Banana Jam Café

craft beer bars in Cape Town

A Caribbean-inspired joint, Banana Jam Café is the place to go when in search of craft beer bars in Cape Town. They usually have around 30 different craft beers on tap available here, as well as more than 80 bottled beers. Besides an impressive beer list, this colorful café features an excellent food menu with options like burgers, jerk chicken, goat curry, bacon-wrapped chili poppers, and much more. If you are looking for a laid-back place to have a cold one and escape the busy crowds of the Cape Town city center, make sure to check out Banana Jam Café.

2 Beerhouse

craft beer bars in Cape Town

No list of craft beers bars in Cape Town would be complete without mentioning the mighty Beerhouse. Located on Long Street, the Beerhouse is one of the most famous watering holes and sports bars in South Africa’s Mother City. With about 25 beers on tap and nearly 100 bottled beers to choose from, this trendy bar is a great spot to try everything from Belgian IPA’S and fruity American brews to locally brewed beers. In case you wish to try many different beers in one sitting, go for the craft beer tasting tray which costs between R85 and R170 depending on the package you choose to get. What I like most about this place is that you are free to order a 100-ml taster, as well as a 1-liter mug of your favorite beer.

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3 Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

craft beer bars in Cape Town

Situated in Woodstock inside a remodeled warehouse, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is an innovative brewery producing limited editions of barrel-aged and experimental beers. Whether you wish to try their year-round American- and Belgian-style varieties like the Woodhead Amber Ale or enjoy seasonal and experimental brews, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company has its taprooms where you can have a unique beer tasting experience. One of them is located in Woodstock, while the other taproom can be found in Epping. If you wish to grab a bite, make sure to order their signature cider-glazed pork belly.

4 The Dog’s Bollocks

craft beer bars in Cape Town

The Dog’s Bollocks is one of my favorite craft beer bars in Cape Town. There’s nothing fancy about this Gardens joint, but it has that special kind of friendly and local vibe that makes it stand out from other craft beer joints in the city. They have a nice selection of craft beers here, as well as their own called the Dog’s Bollocks. Did I mention they also make burgers which are extremely delicious and huge?

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5 Jerry’s Burger Bar

craft beer bars in Cape Town

Sports fans who love craft beer should check out the fabulous Jerry’s Burger Bar. Featuring a nice interior with brick walls and long wooden tables, Jerry’s Burger Bar has 12 taps behind the bar and a wide range of local brews that you can order. When it comes to food, it’s kind of obvious that the menu here pretty much revolves around mouthwatering burgers. Order the Lust Burger which is topped with mustard and stuffed with lots of mushrooms and some tasty blue cheese.

Cape Town is filled with great places to drink something a lot more interesting than lager. Enjoy! If you’d like assistance planning the perfect holiday in Cape Town, we are always here to help our guests, whether it is helping with the best places to stay or arranging toursGet in touch with us today!

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