The Best Clubs in Cape Town

Besides cultural attractions and historical landmarks, Cape Town is also well-known for its vibrant nightlife scene. Whether you are into live music performances or you wish to dress to the nines and dance to groovy songs played by local and international DJ’s, there are hundreds of awesome clubs in Cape Town worth visiting. Check out our list of the best clubs in the Mother City where you can dance the night away.

1 Fiction

clubs in Cape Town

One of the oldest nightclubs in South Africa’s Mother City, Fiction has recently re-opened and now boasts an expanded dance floor that can accommodate up to 200 music fans. This amazing nightclub in Cape Town hosts weekly live events, as well as various parties such as “It came from the jungle” and Strictly “2000s’”. If you get tired from all the dancing, there is a daytime bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a variety of video games.

2 Shimmy Beach Club

clubs in Cape Town

There is no shortage of excellent clubs in Cape Town and Shimmy Beach club definitely falls in this category. Expect to find an extensive drinks menu and a number of different music events throughout the week. There is a VIP section with butler service and a variety of food options to choose from. If you are after a glamorous beachfront experience, Shimmy Beach Club should be included on your list of places to visit while exploring South Africa’s Mother City.

3 Jade Lounge & Champagne Bar

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Opened from Wednesday to Saturday, Jade Lounge & Champagne Bar is an intimate nightclub and bar that attracts a large number of both tourists and locals. Dance to the R&B tunes or Thursday or come on Friday or Saturday to listen to awesome deep house songs. Enjoy a refreshing drink at the semi-enclosed balcony which offers spectacular views of Green Point’s main road.

4 Cocoon

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Located on the 31st floor of the iconic Absa Building in Cape Town, Cocoon is a glamorous nightclub that offers stunning views of the city and boasts a great interior with glass casings, elegant chandeliers, and a lavish lounge. Resident Dj’s are in charge of playing various music genres such as electronic, dance, hip-hop, and house music. Cocoon also has one of the best cocktail lists in the city, as well as a nice selection of wines from the region.

5 Decodance Nightclub

clubs in Cape Town

Sea Point’s Decodance Nightclub is definitely one of the most famous clubs in Cape Town. This underground venue focuses on 70s, 80s and 90s popular hits including music genres like dance, rock, and pop music. The club boasts three bars, several LCD screens, ample seating, and two excellent dance floors. Decodance Nightclub works on Fridays and Saturdays and the entrance for ladies is free of charge before 10 pm. Check out their social media pages for special events which are not to be missed.

6 COCO Nightclub

clubs in Cape Town

Located on the popular Loop Street, COCO Nightclub is an exclusive nightclub that attracts quite a high-class crowd. Besides the high-end bottle service and premium customer attention, this swanky venue hosts the best parties in the city and plays everything from hip-hop to dance and house music. Coco Fridays and Coco Saturdays are the signature events here and resident DJ’s include names like LSD-J, Mr Jay Charles, and Jezz the DJ.

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