Why You Should Add Hout Bay to Your Cape Town Bucket List Now

Hout Bay has fast become one of Cape Town’s most beloved fishing villages and vibrant must-visit destinations for locals and travellers alike. Besides it’s obvious beauty and charismatic appeal, one of Hout Bay’s top draws is the fact that it truly has something for everyone to enjoy. From Duiker Island and it’s thriving colony of Cape Fur Seals, the lively Hout Bay Harbour, a beautiful family-friendly beach, a thriving food and market scene and so much to do and see, Hout Bay is filled with adventure and wonder.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should add Hout Bay to your Cape Town bucket list now and not wait another second but to experience all it has to offer first-hand:

Why You Should Add Hout Bay to Your Cape Town Bucket-List

Hout Bay, Cape Town


Duiker Island and it’s colony of charismatic Cape Fur Seals


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If seeing the charming and cool Cape Fur Seals up-close-and-personal in their natural habitat is not at the top of your Cape Town bucket list, it should be now. And the very best place to do it is at Hout Bay’s Duiker Island, also known as Seal Island. Located just off the coast of Hout Bay, approximately a 15-minute boat ride away, a visit to Seal Island has fast become a sought-after Cape Town ocean adventure. Attracting hundreds of travellers and tourists each year all in the hopes to catch a glimpse of these charming and fun-loving ocean beings in action. During the Cape Town Summer months, Duiker Island is inundated with over 6000 Cape Fur Seals who can be seen sunbathing and swimming about. It truly is one incredible sight absolutely everyone who visits Cape Town should see at least once in their lives.

Enjoy a boat trip to Seal Island or a Cape Fur Seal snorkelling adventure


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Hout Bay, more specifically the Hout Bay Harbour, has become the ultimate destination for boat charters to the renowned Duiker Island. Multiple boat charters depart daily in order to give visitors an authentic look at these cool Cape Town ocean locals loving life right there in their natural habitat. But if you’re looking for something a little more daring and adventurous you can also choose to snorkel with the Cape Fur Seals. These playful ocean beings are known to be quite playful and love interacting with divers and showing off all their cool tricks and twirls. So, don’t be surprised if they come right up to you at times. Just be sure to soak up every incredible second of it. This will also allow you to tick another epic Cape Town adventure off your bucket list all while admiring the incredible Hout Bay scenery and abundant marine life it has to offer.

The lively Hout Bay Harbour


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The bustling Hout Bay Harbour is the lively heart of it all. Boasting an endless array of things to do and see it certainly has positioned itself as one of Hout Bay’s main attractions. From an endless variety of arts, crafts and everything-you-can-think-of stalls, incredible seafood restaurants and authentic local fish and chips spots and tons of cool hangouts to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine, it truly has it all. Therefore, any afternoon spent at the Hout Bay Harbour is bound to be a great one.

In addition to being the ultimate culinary hub and market hotspot, the Hout Bay Harbour is also known as one of Cape Town’s most bustling working fishing harbours. The harbour has also become the ultimate destination for a variety of exciting tourism activities. From boat trips, diving, fishing, snorkelling and so much more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And not to mention the beautiful beachfront just alongside it.

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Hout Bay is a nature lover’s paradise


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This beloved Cape Town fishing village allows you to truly reconnect with nature in the most authentic and incredible way. The fact that Hout Bay is surrounded by so many spectacular scenic gems makes it one of Cape Town’s most beloved and beautiful natural wonders. Set in a fold of sea-lapped mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as well as the magnificent Chapmans Peak, it offers its visitors the ideal nature lover’s escape.

The fact that the renowned Chapmans Peak is easily known as one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world, you’re in for one spectacular view that’s bound to sweep you right off your feet. Furthermore, Hout Bay is also flanked by the beautiful Table Mountain National Park. Thereby offering a whole range of exciting hiking trails, scenic walking routes and tons of adventure activities just waiting to be enjoyed by you.

Seafood, oh glorious Hout Bay Seafood!


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Cape Town certainly has no shortage of incredible seafood spots, but Hout Bay is right up there with the very best of them. Enjoying an authentic local fish and chips meal at the Hout Bay Harbour might just be reason enough to put a visit to Hout Bay right at the top of your Cape Town bucket-list. While that might be quite a big claim to make, Hout Bay promises to back it up all the way.

Being home to some of the best fish and chips spots in Cape Town, Hout Bay has the perfect local dining experience for every seafood lover at heart. From kicking it like the locals with a classic hake and chips at Fish on the Rocks or wining and dining with a live band alfresco style at Lookout Deck, to taking it up a lavish notch by indulging in one of the seafood delights at the Chapman’s Peak Hotel, there is a Hout Bay seafood experience for everyone.

Hout Bay is home to the most vibrant market in Cape Town – the Bay Harbour Market


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Known as the most vibrant market in Cape Town, a visit to the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay is tons of fun for the whole family. A true celebration of the vibrancy, spirit and diversity of cultures that makes South Africa so unique, the Bay Harbour Market embraces everyone with open arms. Apart from its cool vibe and lively energy, the Bay Harbour Market has established itself as a vibrant hub of food, art, design and entertainment. It’s also one of the coolest weekend hangout spots for locals and travellers alike.

From delicious things to eat, cool beats and a variety of arts, crafts, décor and everything in between, the Bay Harbour market has something for everyone to enjoy. And if that doesn’t get you hooked and going back for more, it’s magical charm and everyone-is-welcome approach certainly will.

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It has a beautiful beach perfect for lounging & adventuring


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Apart from its bustling fishing harbour, thriving market scene and hub of arts and crafts, Hout Bay also boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Town. Well-known as one of the best family-friendly swimming beaches, the Hout Bay beach is also a mecca for water sports and ocean adventures.

From surfing, sea kayaking, snorkelling, sailing and fishing, there is something cool and exciting for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing beach day filled with sunshine and spectacular views or something a bit more fun and adventurous, the Hout Bay beachfront has just what you’re after.

It has a variety of hidden gems to explore


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Hout Bay is home to a variety of hidden gems and secret spots that are just waiting to be discovered. Wandering down the streets of Hout Bay, popping in and out of local café’s and browsing through the variety of craft markets and cool artsy stores promises to be quite an adventure in itself. Apart from all these street-lined and harbour-front gems, it is surrounded by so much scenic beauty, natural wonders and secret nature escapes to discover and explore. 

It’s charming, cool and captivating in every way


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While Hout Bay may seem relatively unassuming and subdued at first glance, don’t you dare be fooled by the quiet nature of this charming seaside town. Besides its unapologetic, yet captivating beauty, Hout Bay boasts a certain magical vibe that’s hard to explain. It’s almost like you’ve escaped to a whole new wonderful world without really leaving the Mother City at all. And to be honest, you may just have. Hout Bay, or the Republic of Hout Bay as it is affectionately known by locals, has made it a point to be authentically itself in every way without paying too much attention to outside influence. And its friendly locals are right there welcoming you with open arms and a big smile on their face. Thereby making you feel right at home from the very moment you arrive.

Hout Bay is definitely one destination that deserves to be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket-list. Boasting spectacular views, a beautiful beach, vibrant markets, a thriving food scene and a treasure chest of natural wonders to explore, Hout Bay has something for every member of the family or friend group to enjoy. So, whether you choose to visit this charming fishing village on your day out exploring Cape Town or decide to stay for a while and make a vacation out of it, Hout Bay promises to make it memorable in every way possible.

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