Summer Frozen Treats: The Best Ice Cream Spots in Cape Town

South Africa’s Cape Town is an ideal destination that offers amazing seaside views and plenty of things to do. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to head out to the beach and cool down with a double scoop of delicious ice cream. Luckily, the Mother City is home to a number of amazing ice cream shops and it’s quite difficult to tell which ice cream parlor is the best. To help you decide where to go, we’ve come up with a list of 6 best ice cream spots in Cape Town.

1 The Creamery

 ice cream spots in Cape Town

One of the most popular ice cream spots in Cape Town, the Creamery is well-known for its organic ice creams that come in various flavors. They even have an ice cream barista who can provide information about each flavor. The peanut butter and salted caramel are mouth-watering, as well as the apple crumple pudding and apple jam. You can also try the crispy waffle with flavor of the day or order a cup of Mouille Point coffee.

2 Gelato Mania

ice cream spots in Cape Town

Gelato Mania has a couple of branches located in Cape Town. They only use the highest quality ingredients and their products are free of vegetable and animal fats, artificial colorants, and alcohol. There are a variety of flavors to choose from including After Eight mint, chocolate hazelnut, cookie and milk, Turkish delight, etc. Many ingredients here at Gelato Mania are imported all the way from Italy. Customers can also order waffles and pancakes.

3 Cookies and Cream

ice cream spots in Cape Town

Cookies and Cream opened their doors in 2014 and it didn’t take them long to become one of the most visited ice cream spots in Cape Town. They serve American-style ice creams and you can take your frozen treat in a cone or a cup. There is also an option of having your ice cream served between two chewy cookies like a sandwich or folded into bubble waffle.  Cookies and Cream are old-fashioned and no artificial flavors are allowed here, only milk, natural flavorings, eggs, fresh cream, and sugar.

4 Myog

ice cream spots in Cape Town

If you are in the mood for some frozen yoghurt, make sure to check out Myog. It is an eco-loving place that was opened in 2011 and offers tasty frozen yoghurt. There are no artificial additives and all of the products are made from natural ingredients.  Caring about the environment is important to the owners of Myog, so don’t be surprised when you see recycled serving pots, as well as bamboo furniture and LED lights. There are many froyo flavors and interesting toppings to choose from. Some of the favorites include almond and fresh mango.

5 Unframed Ice Cream

ice cream spots in Cape Town

Opened in 2016 on Kloof Street, Unframed Ice Cream is well-known for making small batches of ice cream using only organic ingredients, coconut milk, and nut-based milk. It comes as no surprise that there are a lot of vegan customers here. You will usually find 10 toppings to choose from. Our favorite is the soft grapefruit sorbet. What’s great about this place is that all their flavors are fresh, since they rotate them according to the season.

6 Sinnfull Ice Cream

ice cream spots in Cape Town

Sinnfull Ice Cream is an award-winning parlor that was originally opened in Camps Bay in 2002. Today, the new retail is located in Hout Bay and offers delicious handmade ice cream with an amazing variety of flavors.  All of these flavors were created by the founder Britta Sinn who used to work at her parent’s Italian gelato parlor. Classics like Nutella and cookies & cream can be found on the menu, as well as the tasty white chocolate and poppy seed and Aero flavor. Don’t leave this place before trying Pistachio and Saffron.


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