Spring time

Well, the weather has certainly changed since my last post. We have come into Spring, and for some reason the weather has not come to the party… Cape Town has had some crazy storms, and generally weather which has made me want to stay in bed! When the weather is bad, the second best thing to do after staying in bed, must be going to watch a film at the cinema. I went to watch Jerusalema this evening at the V&A Waterfront. Jerusalema is a local Ronnie Apteker production set in Johannesburg in the present day. What an awesome film, definitely a must see! Its certainly up there with the all time great gangster films like American Gangster, or The Godfather… and its locally produced. Definitely the best South African film I’ve seen. Highly recommended!

As I was driving back from the Waterfront, I noticed how big the Green Point stadium has become. It looks like its almost complete, and will surely beat the 2009 deadline for the confederations cup. I can’t wait to take my seat at Green Point for the opening game of the Fifa World Cup, which is now less than 2 years away.

Camps Bay has been undergoing some changes as well, with the new restaurants being built to replace the Caltex. Im sure those will be all ready by summer. Exciting stuff indeed, Im sure looking forward to Summer!

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