Pharrell Williams Cape Town 2015 Concert

South Africa will soon be getting happy, as the build-up to the Pharrell Williams Cape Town 2015 concert starts to grow. Taking place on Monday 21 September 2015, this concert will take place at Grand West Casino. And, for fans of this legendary singer, performer, producer and business mogul, it is sure to be all that and a bag of chips! To celebrate, we suggest dropping whatever you are doing right this second and watching this amazing Happy Cape Town video that combines one of the artist’s greatest hits with our beloved city.

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams has become  a big name over the past decade or so, rising from a teen prodigy to a music maestro responsible for his own and other leading artists’ mega hits. Along with business partner Chad Hugo, Pharrell is a founding member of the Neptunes group and the band N-E-R-D. As a solo performer, he has performed hits such as Happy. He has produced mega stars such as Beyonce, Jay-Z and many others, too. Oh, and he has built up a rather massive business empire as well, we might add.

So what is the Pharrell Williams SA concert all about then? Let’s take a look…

Pharrell Williams in Cape Town 2015

Earlier this year, at the start of April 2015, Pharrell announced that the would be collaborating with local store franchise Woolworths on their ‘AreYouWithUs’ campaign. This campaign is all about uplifting sustainability on an education and environmental level here in SA. Being the type of project that Mr. Williams is all about, he was all too keen to collaborate. By aligning their shared values of positive change to people and the planet, Woolies and Pharrell have lined up a two part concert series. The first concert is here in Cape Town, and will be hosted on Monday 21 September 2015. The next concert will take place later in the week, with a Johannesburg show.

In his role as Style Director, Pharrell will be working with Woolies across a range of projects. According to a Ian Moir, Woolworths CEO, “Pharrell is a global icon for social cohesion, advancement through education and environmental awareness – these same values lie at the heart of our business and form the foundation on which this partnership is built. We hope Pharrell will help us make sustainability cool for the next generation of South Africans and help us create a better future for our children, our country and our planet.

That all sounds pretty cool!

Of course, the entertainment highlight of this collaboration is getting the chance to witness this talented producer, performer, Grammy winner and super star take to the stage. Tickets range in price from R450 to R735, and are available via Woolies outlets, and

Are you as excited as we are to see Pharrell in Cape Town? Share your thoughts (and let us know your favourite song!) in the comments below and let us know what you think!

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