Muizenberg: A Charming Coastal Getaway in Western Cape

Famous for its colorful beachfront houses, Muizenberg is a small beach town just outside of South Africa’s Cape Town. Thanks to its proximity to the ocean, this picturesque town is an ideal destination for summer vacations during the holiday season. Muizenberg also has one of the most active surfing communities in the region and famous people such as George Bernand Shaw and Agatha Christie came here to learn how to surf.

Although the beach and water activities are the main attractions here, there’s more to this place than just crystal clear waters and sparkling sand. Expect to find dozens of historical attractions, as well as numerous coffee shops, accommodation options and a number of excellent restaurants. To keep you entertained during your stay in this lovely coastal town, here is our list of fun things to do in Muizenberg.

1 Walk on Muizenberg Beach

things to do in Muizenberg

One of the prettiest beaches in South Africa, the Muizenberg beach is ideal for long walks and taking photographs of the picturesque multicolored changing rooms. Here, you will see many surfers and stand-up paddle boarders, as well as other folks in wetsuits enjoying the sun and the sand. Admire the scenic sea views and have a refreshing drink in one of the nearby bars.

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2 Explore the Rhodes Cottage Museum

things to do in Muizenberg

There is no shortage of things to do in Muizenberg and a visit to the Rhodes Cottage museum should definitely be included in your travel itinerary. Built as a tribute to Cecil John Rhodes who was a British empire-builder, this museum used to serves as his private home where he spent his last days before he passed away in 1902. Explore the magnificent English garden and check out some of his old furnishings. The museum is run by a couple of volunteers who are always happy to answer all of your questions. Visitors are greeted with a complimentary cup of tea.

3 Visit the Casa Labia Cultural Center

things to do in Muizenberg

Built in 1929, Casa Labia Cultural Center is the former residence of Count and Countess Natale Labia of Muizenberg. Today, the house serves as a cultural center and boasts a big art gallery where visitors will have a chance to see a variety of South African prints and other collections. In case you get hungry, there is a magnificent on-site restaurant called Cucina Labia.

4 Learn how to Surf at Gary’s Surf School

things to do in Muizenberg

One of the most interesting things to do in Muizenberg is learning how to surf. Operating since 1989, Gary’s Surf School is one of the oldest and most popular surf schools in the country. Here, you can learn all the basic surf moves from Gary and his fellow instructors. Beginner surfers usually start their classes on longboards, while experienced surfers who wish to learn some new tricks can use the short ones.

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