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202_1630_photoThinking of Africa? The first thing to come to our mind while thinking of Africa is an African Safari, the warm cape beaches, the untamed beauty of Kruger National Park, the roar of an African Lion or the gigantic African Elephants….but 2010 is going to give our thoughts a whole new dimension. As from now on, the thought of Africa
will be the thought of spirit, the thought of sports, the thought of fresh cut grass, the smell of pop corns and the sound of yelling and excited crowd Because “South Africa” is becoming “Sports Africa”.

After all, South Africa is one of the world’s most hospitable, generous and welcoming country with a large history of teams playing matches, world cups and tournaments at its magnificent grounds starting back from 1818. From 1995 to 2007 South Africa held the Rugby World Cup, the African Cup of Nations, World Cup of Golf, World Cup of Athletics, Cricket World Cup 2003, President’s Cup, Women’s World Cup of Golf, A1 World Cup of Motorsport, Fina Swimming World Cup and Paralympic Swimming World Championships, Surfski World Cup in Durban followed by many other events.

This is the first time that the Soccer World Cup finals will be held on the African continent and it is reported to be the biggest one yet! So just don’t sit back and watch your TV. This year you can get your self the cheapest tickets in town and be there to watch the present shadowing a future and making a history. If you are interested in attending the World Cup matches and exploring the country at the same time, then we have put together great tour packages, cheap flights and holidays that you can purchase. We have designed packages to fit every kind of budget and includes Flights, hotel accommodation, B&B deals with full time entertainment. Contact us for more infomation.

A nation that is proud of its sport and eager to support its arrival in South Africa, are ensuring that the preparations for the event move along swiftly. Various new stadiums have been built to bring soccer to every part of the country and to the loyal fans, who would otherwise watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio. The largest stadium that has been built as the main showcase and where the opening ceremony will be held is the magnificent Soccer City in Johannesburg. There are 10 stadiums in total spanning from Polokwane in Mpumalanga to Cape Town. While some of these stadiums exists and are to be upgraded, various brand new ones are in the process of being built especially for the World Cup. South Africa has held various World Cups and major tournaments in other sporting arenas and there is no doubt that it can pull off a spectacular Soccer World Cup. Sports in South Africa are big business.

The country will be proudly hosting a total of sixty-four World Cup matches over a period of twenty-five match days from 11 June to 11 July 2010 in the nine South African 2010 Host Cities. The schedule of the 2010 matches will be that Johannesburg will host 15 matches, Cape Town will host 9, Port-Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay) will host 8, Durban will host 8, Bloemfontein will host 6, Pretoria will host 5, Nelspruit will host 4, Rustenburg will host 5 and Polokwane will host 4 first round matches.

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• Get to the stadium at least an hour before kickoff time and always
• Check your ticket, know your number, and sit in your designated seat.
• Keep all access stairways and emergency exits clear at all times.
• Stay out of restricted areas within the stadium.
• Co-operate during security inspections and body checks.
• Co-operate if asked to move to other seats for security reasons.
• Only smoke in designated areas.

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