Cape Town Winter Wine Guide

With winter in full swing, the cooler days and nights offer the perfect chance to enjoy fine Cape Town wine. This is the season for red wine in the Cape and with a wide range of delicious reds to sample; wine lovers will certainly be spoiled for choice.

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Once you’ve done that, have a look at some of our favourite Cape Town red wine blends that will keep the winter chills at bay this month…

Delicious, Juicy Red Wine Varietals

With plenty of body, rich flavours and spicy aromas, red wine is the perfect choice for the cooler weather. Enjoy your favourite red with meat dishes, pasta, chocolate or any other comfort food or even on its own. Cape Town produces a number of excellent red wine varietals, with some of the best of these including the following:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – soft tannins, juicy berry hints on the nose and a full-bodied taste make this red a classic. The deep ruby red of the wine combines with a vivid combination of concentrated flavours, warming you from the inside out with every sip. For an even richer finish, the 2008 and 2009 years are exquisite.
  • Cabernet Franc – something of a prize amongst wine purists, this varietal has subtle herbaceous and tobacco notes on the nose, with an elegant blend of cassis and black cherry on the palate. The deep garnet colour combines with soft tannins and a delicious after-taste that lingers after the last sip. Try the 2008 year for a well-rounded, wooded effect.
  • Merlot – a classic favourite everywhere, the heady fruit flavours of Merlot are balanced by the well-structured tannins. On the nose, this varietal has hints of black current with a slight smoky hint. Older Merlots that have been wooded are generally richer, while younger varietals have a more refreshing palate.
  • Pinotage – ask any local if they have tried the Diemersfontein chocolate Pinotage, and their blissed out expression will tell you everything you need to know about this luscious wine. The melt-in-your-mouth flavours of chocolate and coffee combine perfectly with balanced tannins, resulting in a heady red that is perfect all-year round.

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What is your favourite red wine, and what comfort food do you prefer paring it with for the ultimate indulgence?

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