The Breathtaking Waterfalls in Cape Town

South Africa’s Mother City is blessed with a couple of amazing waterfalls that can be found around the city. From waterfalls that can be easily accessed by nearby hiking trails to dams and rivers where you can go for a dip, waterfalls in Cape Town are definitely worth visiting. We’ve rounded up some of the best waterfalls in Cape Town and Western Cape that you should check out.

1 Crystal Pools Waterfall

waterfalls in Cape Town

Located just a short drive from the lovely coastal village of Gordon’s Bay, Crystal Pools Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in the area. To reach this excellent waterfall, you will need to walk a few kilometers to reach the best swimming spots. Along the way, there are several rock pools where you and your friends can chill and relax. Once you reach the Crystal Pools Waterfall, expect to find dozens of rocks to jump off, as well as a couple of pools and waterfalls. Keep in mind that you will need a permit from the city of Cape Town in order to go on the hiking trail that will lead you to the waterfalls.

2 Krom River

waterfalls in Cape Town

Nestled just an hour’s drive from the Mother City, The Limietberg Nature Reserve is home to some of the best hiking trails in the area and its main attraction is definitely the Krom River and its wonderful waterfalls. There are dozens of spectacular rock pool where travelers can stop to snorkel. However, the water can be quite cold. Visitors who decide to head out to the Krom River and admire its fascinating waterfalls will need a permit which can be bought at the nearby Trout Farm.  The permit costs R40 for adults and R20 for children.

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3 Beaverlac

waterfalls in Cape Town

Well-known for its beautiful waterfalls and crystalline rock pools, Beaverlac is a lovely campsite located in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains. Visitors can explore different hiking trails and caves from which some boast historical rock art. Travelers who wish to freshen up after the hike can go for a dip in the dam and admire the beauty of the waterfalls. Keep in mind that you will need to book one of the cabins or a spot at the campsite.

4 Meiringspoort Waterfall

waterfalls in Cape Town


This is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in Cape Town area and it is located close to the small town of De Rus. Officially called the Great Waterfall, Meiringspoort Waterfall is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts hundreds of both locals and tourists daily. The best thing about this place that besides thundering waters and interesting geological formations, visitors will have a chance to swim in the natural pools and make a picnic here. Meiringspoort Waterfall is 60 meters high, while the pool below the waterfall is 9 meters deep.

5 The Kaaimans Waterfall

waterfalls in Cape Town

Easily accessible from the Kaaimans Pass by boat and located between the towns of Wilderness and George, the Kaiimans Waterfall offers amazing views of the Kaiimans River. The pass which leads to the waterfall is quite steep, but you can stop and rest at the Dolphin Point. The good news is that there is a car park nearby.

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