15 Things to Do in Cape Town Before the End of Winter

Looking for things to do in Cape Town before the end of the winter season? Luckily, South Africa’s Mother City offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained this winter. Whether you wish to see an independent movie, go on a wine tasting tour, visit a spa center, or catch a comedy show, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Here are our top picks for winter activities in Cape Town.

1 Labia Cinema

winter activities in Cape Town


One of the oldest independent cinemas in all of Africa, Labia Cinema shows a variety of art and independent films and offers great 2-for-1 specials. Various film festivals are held here and the cinema even has a fully-stocked bar inside. An interesting fact is that this historical cinema was named after Princess Labia of Italy. If you are tired of all the Hollywood blockbusters and wish to see an independent movie, Labia Cinema is definitely a place that you should visit this winter.

2 Two Oceans Aquarium

winter activities in Cape Town


Located at the V&A Waterfront, Two Oceans Aquarium is home to about 3,000 sea creatures and there are separate galleries for Atlantic and Indian Ocean sea creatures. It is one of the best winter activities in Cape Town, especially if you are visiting this place with children. You can even interact with penguins or attend one of the feeding events. If you are looking for something to boost your adrenaline and have a scuba certification, dive in a tank along fearless sharks. To order a refreshing drink to keep you warm, go to the on-site café at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

3 V&A Market on the Wharf

winter activities in Cape Town


Situated in the Waterfront’s Old Power Station, V&A Market on the Wharf is a permanent food market that boasts a cozy indoor souk with over 50 vendors that sell a variety of food ranging from local South African dishes to Belgian waffles. The market also sells plenty of fresh produce and there are dozens of stalls where you can have a nice meal for just R40. During the winter season, the market’s doors are open from Monday to Sunday.

4 Brewery Tours

winter activities in Cape Town


One of the best ways to spend a cold winter day in Cape Town is to go pay a visit to some of the city’s best breweries and beer halls. Check out the fabulous beer hall on Long Street or visit one of the first South African brewing estates that is located close to Stanford. The good news is that most of these places offer beer tasting, so you don’t have to worry about staying thirsty.

5 Constantia Glen

winter activities in Cape Town


Located just a 30-minute drive from the city center of Cape Town, Constantia Glen is one of the best restaurants in the area that offers spectacular views across the valley. This glass-walled dining establishment boasts an inviting interior and offers an extensive food menu including a variety of steaming bowls of soups with crispy bread. What’s great about their soup menu is that visitors can order a big bowl of one kind of soup or get a trio of small bowls that include different types of soup.

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6 Cave Golf

winter activities in Cape Town


Travelers who are into golf can practice their skills at the popular Cave Golf indoor venue which is located right next to the Scratch Patch at the V&A Waterfront. This fabulous venue looks like a small cave and features dozens of tricky angles, as well as steep hills and uneven surfaces. Although this golf course is kind of difficult, it is still suitable for any age. The price of a game per person is R18.

7 Truth Coffee

winter activities in Cape Town


Located in the center of Cape Town, the Truth Coffee boasts a steam-punk décor and offers tasty coffee which is roasted on-site. It’s an ideal place to spend a rainy afternoon in the Mother City and they also offer delicious eggs benedict for breakfast. Expect to see many expats with laptops here, as there are numerous plug-in points and Wi-Fi is complimentary for customers.

8 Ways of Wellness Spa

winter activities in Cape Town


There is no shortage of excellent winter activities in Cape Town and a visit to the Ways of Wellness Spa is definitely one of them. This is the first organic beauty salon in the city and they only use certified organic products in their treatments. Pamper yourself with body scrubs, pedicures, facials, and a variety of heavenly massages. One of the most interesting treatments here at Ways of Wellness Spa is the Fish Spa where numerous small fishes nibble on your dry skin and make your feet feel soft.

9 Ferry Around Intaka Island

winter activities in Cape Town


After shopping at the Canal Walk mall, you can go on a ferry ride through the lovely Intaka Island wetlands. The ferry ride around Intaka Island on the Grand Canal lasts for about 35 minutes and both Crystal Towers and Canal Walk offer hop-on hop-off options. The boat operates from 9 30 am daily and the price of the ticket is R55 for adults and R45  for pensioners and kids under 12.

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10 Pub Quiz

winter activities in Cape Town


What better way to spend a winter day in Cape Town than going to a local pub to drink a cold one and participate in a pub quiz. There are dozens of pubs in the city like Fireman’s Arms, Royal Oak, and Oblivion that house these awesome pub quiz evenings. Most of the quizzes come with cool prices and some of them don’t even require an entry fee.

11 The Science Centre

winter activities in Cape Town


A visit to the Science Centre in Cape Town is an ideal winter activity for the whole family. There are over 250 interactive exhibitions on-site, as well as many awesome puzzles to keep you and the children entertained throughout the day. If you wish to learn more about engineering, science, and even math, the Science Center should be included on your list of places to visit in the Mother City.

12 The Cape Town Comedy Club

winter activities in Cape Town


Located at the heart of V&A Waterfront, the Cape Town Comedy Club is considered being one of the best comedy clubs in the world. It’s an ideal place to spend a winter’s day, have a laugh, and even order something to eat. Sit back and enjoy stand-up comedy shows by the likes of both local and International acts including Trevor Noah, Barry Hilton, and many others.

13 Honest Chocolate Café

winter activities in Cape Town


There is nothing better on a winter’s day than a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Head out to the popular Honest Chocolate Café where you will find a nice selection of chocolate truffles, hot chocolates, cakes, and tarts. They also serve specialties like coconut cream and dairy-free milkshakes. There is a nice courtyard in the back where the Secret Gin Bar opens its doors every evening.

14 The Crypt

winter activities in Cape Town


Are you interested in watching a live jazz performance in Cape Town? Pay a visit to the Crypt, a small jazz club located right underneath the St. George’s Cathedral. Here, you will find numerous talented jazz artists performing and the venue is known to serve delicious dinner. This is probably one of the best winter activities in Cape Town for folks who love to see live band performances.

15 Kalk Bay

winter activities in Cape Town


Folks who wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle from the center of Cape Town can visit the lovely harbor town of Kalk Bay, which is located just 30km from the Mother City. There are plenty of activities here to choose from including a visit to the amazing Kalk Bay Book Store, a place where books from local South African authors can be found. Kalk Bay is also home to many great restaurants and bars like Cape to Cuba, Brass Bell, and Olympia Café.

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