10 Top Offbeat places in Cape Town

Are you tired of all the popular destinations in Cape Town that attract hundreds of tourists each day? Luckily, Cape Town is home to numerous offbeat places and secret sights worth visiting. From colorful beaches and less known wine estates to lovely little food markets, here is our ultimate guide to undiscovered places and hidden gems in Cape Town.

1 The Abandoned Zoo in Cape Town

hidden gems in Cape Town


There is a patch of land located close to the Memorial at the University of Cape Town that used to be a zoo until 1975. Although the zoo is no longer operational, you can still go and explore its remains of cages and other relics. One of the most famous features of the zoo was the Lion’s Dean and today you can clearly see its remains. Of course, the entrance to this place is free of charge.

2 Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

hidden gems in Cape Town


You’ve probably heard about all the cool wine estates and wineries in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, but Durbanville also houses many big-name estates, as well as several small boutique wineries that produce small amounts of wine. One of these places is called the Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery. What’s great and unique about this place is that they offer wine tasting in their “caves”. Each cave is nicely decorated with vintage furniture, trinkets, and pillows which create a perfect setting for wine tasting on a rainy day.

3 Oranjezicht City Market

hidden gems in Cape Town


Oranjezicht City Market is definitely one of the best hidden gems in Cape Town. This lovely market in Granger Bay is a place where local farmers come to sell everything from artisanal food products to fresh vegetables and fruits. There are several interesting events throughout the year here at the Oranjezicht City Market including the pick-your-own-harvest days that are scheduled on the first Wednesday every month.

4 Rush Trampoline Park

hidden gems in Cape Town


A visit to the Rush Trampoline Park is an ideal weekend activity for travelers with children. This is one of the first trampoline parks in all of South Africa and boasts 17,000sq.ft of space that includes two trampoline lanes which are ideal for flips, two dodgeball courts, wall-to-wall trampolines, three basketball lanes, and lots more. The facility is fit for all ages and boasts a cool glow-in-the-dark feature.

5 Tidal Pool at Camps Bay

hidden gems in Cape Town


If you are looking for one of the most picturesque hidden gems in Cape Town, visit the amazing coastline in Camps Bay and admire the incredible saltwater tidal pool which offers a great opportunity to discover a variety of marine life. Tidal Pool at Camps Bay offers protection from the ocean and provides stunning views of the Twelve Apostles and Table Mountain. It is also one of the most popular tidal pools on the Atlantic Seabord and offers ideal swimming conditions.

6 I Love My Laundry

hidden gems in Cape Town


I Love My Laundry is not just a place where you can do laundry, it’s a venue that houses art workshops, wine tastings, fondues, art exhibitions, and much more. There are a couple of branches of I Love My Laundry in Cape Town and the largest one is located on Bree Street. They also serve delicious food, so make sure to try their version of Dim Sum. Besides food, this fabulous place offers craft beer, wine, sweet, treats, and juices.

7 Intaka Island

hidden gems in Cape Town


When we’re talking about hidden gems in Cape Town, Intaka Island is one of the first things we think of.  This 16-hectare bird sanctuary and wetland is easily reachable by a 35-minute ferry boat ride and offers both guided and self-guided tours. The island houses over 100 species of birds and over 200 species of plants. During the school holidays, there are dozens of workshops for children here on Intaka Island.

8 Somerbosch Estate

hidden gems in Cape Town


Have you ever tried a wine-infused ice cream? Somerbosch Estate offers this delicious sweet delight and there are four types of wines including cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, merlot, and pinotage that are paired with ice cream which is made from scratch at the estate. Keep in mind that this experience is a bit on the expensive side and costs R40 per person for the session. Bookings are highly recommended.

9 Beta Beach

hidden gems in Cape Town


If you wish to escape from all the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches in Cape Town, make your way to Bakoven where you will find the amazing Beta Beach. This beach is looks so small, that at first you might even think its private, but luckily it’s not.  Make sure to come early in the morning to find a nice secluded spot in the shade. As for the beach facilities, there aren’t many here on Beta Beach.

10 Chapman’s Peak Drive

hidden gems in Cape Town


Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most scenic drives in all of South Africa. Drive along the Atlantic Coast on a road that is cut out of a cliff and enjoy spectacular ocean views. The road starts in the cute fishing village also known as Hout Bay and takes you all the way to Chapman’s Point before it ends at Noordhoek.

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