World Cup 2010 South Africa – Only 500 days to go, facts figures

World Cup 2010 South Africa – Only 500 days to go. Facts & figures

With only 500 days left before the kick off of the Fifa Soccer world cup in 2010, the City of Cape Town and its partners are working hard to ensure that all the financial preparations are taken care of.

Everything is going according to plan and we are determined to make this first ever soccer World Cup in Africa a showcase for our continent.
This gives South Africa the opportunity to show the world its best side, to strengthen investor confidence and to draw more visitors to benefit the ever growing tourism sector.
This is also an opportunity for Cape Town to benefit directly from the big investment in infrastructure of the national government.
The public will benefit from R2billion improvements to the airport, a R1.3 billion improvement of public transport, more than R1 billion improvements to large roads, approximately R1 billion improvements to the electricity infrastructure, a R400 million improvement to the central city station, R1.2 billion for new trains, more than R3 billion for a new world-class stadium, and hundreds of millions of rands’ improvements to other public spaces and facilities such as the Philipi Stadium, the Athlone Stadium, the Green Point stadium and the Grand Parade in the CBD.
This investment will contribute to giving Cape Town a beautiful new facelift and will help us to promote further economic growth and job creation on the road to 2010.

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