Things To Know About Adderley Street Christmas Lights In Cape Town

Every year the renowned Adderley Street in Cape Town comes to life in a sensational burst of colour as Christmas lights line the street. This glorious Christmas light celebration in Adderley Street is a South African fan favourite and a beloved Cape Town tradition. It’s a true celebration of unity, joy and Cape Town spirit as the Mother City celebrates the start of the festive season and welcome tourists during their summer holiday. Here are some of the most important things to know about Adderley Christmas lights in Cape Town:

It’s a CELEBRATION of unity!


One of the most incredible things about this beloved Cape Town Christmas lights tradition is that it encourages and celebrates unity. At its core it’s about spreading joy, love, family, celebration and the start of an incredible festive season to come. And it invites people from all corners of the globe, locals and tourists alike, to share in its magic! Whether you’re from the Cape flats, the CBD, the Northern ‘burbs, or a vacationer who came to the Mother City nice and early to miss the holiday rush, joining in on this vibrant celebration is an absolute must and one glorious treat! The Adderley Street Christmas lights celebration truly encourages people to come together from all walks of life, to put our troubles aside and celebrate and rejoice in one common goal. The vibrant atmosphere is truly palpable! This is one incredible festive season celebration you can’t afford to miss!

A celebrated Cape Town tradition rooted in rich history


Adderley Street is not only home to Cape Town’s Festival of Lights, it’s also one of Cape Town’s most famous historic streets. Previously known as The Heerengracht, in 1850 its name was changed to Adderley Street in honour of Charles B Adderley, a British Member of Parliament who supported the Colony’s successful campaign against British plans to turn the Cape into a convict station. On 13 October 1988 the street got its first electric lights installed, and who would’ve guessed that 30 years later it would be home to one of the most glorious celebrations of Christmas lights in South Africa. Today Adderley Street, also known as Cape Town’s main street, is a beloved tourist attraction and a cherished local gem. It truly is as thrilling and thriving as ever. It is also in close proximity to a variety of other attractions and points of interest such as the Old Slave Lodge Museum, Groote Kerk (the oldest church in South Africa), the Golden Acre Centre and the Company Gardens.

It’s free to the public!


The Adderley Street Christmas lights celebration is open and free to the public, so there really is no reason not to visit it! While the official turning-on of the Christmas lights took place on the 2nd of December, you can view this glorious celebration of colour and festive season joy any night of the festive season. So gather your group of explorers, family and friends and every Christmas light enthusiast you know and pay it a visit, it promises to be worth every second!

It’s tons of fun for the whole family


Whether you’re young or young at heart visiting Adderley Street to view the vibrant Christmas lights in all their colourful glory is an activity that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family. The kids will be truly enchanted and mesmerised as they explore the iconic street of Adderley decked out in one amazing Christmas light display, and you’ll be right there with them soaking up every incredible moment and vivid light. Because as we grow older there are a few things that will never lose their novelty and charm, and Christmas lights truly are one of them. So be ready to let your inner kid run wild and free among the Cape Town string of lights!

View the Christmas lights & explore the city


Adderley Street is also known as Cape Town’s main street, this prime location means it’s surrounded by an abundance of other Mother City gems. You can therefore turn you visit to Adderley Street to view the glorious Christmas lights into an inner city exploration adventure. With several restaurants, trendy hangouts, iconic landmarks and vibrant night markets on offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy! You might however find yourself so enchanted by the colourful Christmas lights that you’ll never want to leave again, and we certainly won’t blame you!

Festive season in the Mother City truly is a celebration, and it brings with it a certain charm, magic and glorious sense of wonder you can’t help but want to be a part of every second of it. And she welcomes you with open arms! Viewing the Adderley Christmas Lights truly is one of those beloved Cape Town festive season traditions everyone deserves to witness and experience at least once in their lives. For those who have seen it will forever be captured by its enchanting magic, and those who haven’t are in for quite a treat. But one thing is for certain, viewing these lights in all their colourful splendour on one of the most famous historic streets in Cape Town will be an experience you’ll cherish for many years to come.

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