Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – A Tribute in Pictures

Like so many people in South Africa, and around the world too I’m sure, the news of our beloved Madiba passing has rendered me at a loss for words. In many ways, the loss is a personal one for each of us – he inspired something in every single person, after all. For some, it was his ability to remain an icon of peace throughout his years since being released from Robben Island all those years ago. For others, it was that one-of-a-kind smile that lit up the world with its warmth. Some may remember his colourful shirts; his lasting legacy left by the Nelson Mandela Foundation – that 1995 Rugby World Cup moment that was recreated in an acclaimed movie. 

But as a nation, Madiba brought something even more important to us all… the chance to unite as one, and share our love for the ‘grandfather’ of South Africa, our Tata Mandela. 

So today, we stand together and honour our Tata with a collection of images that moved us, inspired us and reminded us how much he meant to us all… 

A Madiba Tribute Without Words

Nando's Mandela tribute

Outspoken fast-food chain Nando’s very fitting tribute


Political cartoonist Zapiro's tribute

Political cartoonist Zapiro’s tribute


Cartoonist Jerm's beautiful tribute

Cartoonist Jerm‘s beautiful tribute


Streets, highways and bridges named after Mandela

Streets, highways and bridges named after Mandela


Mike Tyson's Twitter tribute: "I'm hearing about Nelson Mandela's death while on African soil in Oran, Algeria"

Mike Tyson’s Twitter tribute sending prayers to Mandela’s family


The Eiffel Tower lights up in the colours of the South African flag (via @GoogleEarthPics)

The Eiffel Tower lights up in the colours of the South African flag (via @GoogleEarthPics)


The cover of the New Yorker, next week will pay tribute to Nelson Mandela


M&G tribute cover



This image is made up of 7.2 million tweets sent in tribute to Mandela, after his passing.


British newspaper covers honouring Madiba

British newspaper covers honouring Madiba

Finally, if there is one single tribute to read today, make it this one from the Archbishop Desmond Tutu – We Thank God for Madiba.

RIP Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela… your legacy will never be forgotten. 

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