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Enjoy your trip to New York City even more by staying at a hotel that has all you may ever need during your holiday. If you’re a student, that may mean free internet access. If you’re traveling with a family, you may need larger accommodations but at an affordable price. In order to assist you with finding the best hotels in New York, we’ve put together some helpful tips below. Also, for great rates on flights to New York from South Africa, check out



As one of the most important business sectors in the world, New York City is home too some of the finest hotels in the business. If you’re looking for luxury accommodations near where the action is downtown or in Manhattan, try staying at the Casablanca Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, the Bryant Park Hotel or the Michelangelo Hotel, which happens to be around the corner from Times Square.


These are some of the bigger luxury hotels in New York, though there are also many reputable luxury boutique establishments as well. The Library Hotel on Madison Avenue right next to Grand Central is chic, modern, and elegant with room rates as lows as $300 USD. Some of the many amenities include a complimentary breakfast, a wine and cheese reception, a den for writers and a rooftop garden. And as the name would suggest, there are many books that adorn each room and essentially every corner of the hotel whose layout is based on the Dewey Decimal System.


If you’re on a more fixed budget, try Hotel 91 in Chinatown or the Larchmont Hotel on 11th Street in The Village, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of the city. The Larchmont Hotel boasts rates as low as $90 USD per night, all for amenities that include free internet, a big screen television and a complimentary breakfast. The hotel does not have spa facilities, but many customers note the modern design of the bathrooms in every room.


Travellers looking to stay in Manhattan on a budget will certainly want to check out the Seafarers & International House on East 15th Street. For nightly rates as low as $100 USD, you can enjoy being within walking distance of some of New York’s best attractions including Union Square, Greenwich Village and East Village. The hotel is also right across the street from Irving Plaza, which features a constant flow of live musicians.

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