Goodbye 2010, hello 2014 – Cape Town’s bid for World Design Capital

Every second year the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design awards the “World Design Capital” title to a city that has effectively used design to revive the city and improve its quality of life. The initiative aims to promote strengthening and empowering cities and their residents through the use of good design to the ends of social, cultural and economic improvement.

Seoul in South Korea held the title this year and Helsinki, Finland, has already been identified as the World Design Capital for 2012, however, the City of Cape Town and Cape Town Partnership is fervently putting together its bid to secure this accolade for 2014.

The theme of Cape Town’s bid is “Live Design. Transform Life,” and centres on the many initiatives and recent changes which have been made not only for the 2010 FIFA World Cup but to combat social divisions in the landscape and functioning of the city that still remained from the Apartheid era. Projects such as the Rapid Transport (IRT) systems, the public spaces programme and promotion of design and research at educational institutions will form a large part of the bid. Public architecture and memorials will also be taken into consideration.

Contributions from the public sector and Cape Town’s citizens are welcomed as the city’s bid is compiled for submission at the end of March 2011. Innovative ideas and projects that use design to solve urban challenges and transform our city economically, socially and culturally can be submitted for consideration as part of the bid submission.

What will it mean for us? After the successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup this year, becoming a World Design Capital will give Cape Town an ongoing opportunity for exposure as a centre for creativity and innovation and nurture pride in our city’s accomplishment. It will also help to strengthen economic development by attracting investment and further encourage the city’s global image as a premier travel destination.

Most importantly – every initiative and project will improve quality of life for residents and visitors! So let’s all join the campaign and support Cape Town’s bit to become the World Design Capital for 2014!

For more info – visit and support or contribute Cape Town’s bid at

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