Enjoy a Unique Cape Town Bicycle Tour

Experience a fun-filled tour that takes you along the scenic Camps Bay coastline, with the help of a Cape Town bicycle tour from Bike & Saddle. Ideal for those who want a fairly easy ride while still getting out and about, this ride is bound to be a highlight of your day.

Cape Town Bicycle Tour

Bike & Saddle tours are designed to help you appreciate the unique environment of South Africa without increasing your carbon footprint. Unlike car-based tours, all tours are done by bicycle, ensuring a ‘green’, rewarding way to see the sights. There are rides for all levels across the country’s most renowned destinations. In Cape Town, by far the most enjoyable tour is their Darwin’s Trail seaside ride however!

3 Hour Seaside Bicycle Ride in Cape Town

This three hour tour is perfect for those flawless sunny days in winter, fresh spring mornings, nippy afternoons or pretty much any time of year you fancy. There are two rides to choose from – a morning one and an afternoon one. The going is fairly steady, so no worries if you are not an Argus competitor. The aim here is to have some fun and head off on your bike, much like you used to do when you were a kid. Remember how much fun that was?

Ride info for the seaside trail is as follows:

– Route: Darwin’s Trail
– Start Time: 08h00 (morning) / 16h00 (afternoon)
– Duration: 3 hours
– Dates: Daily
– Departure: The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay
– Difficulty Level: 1/3

Check out the other rides offered by Bike & Saddle, and learn more about their amazing eco approach to bicycle tours by heading over to www.bikeandsaddle.co.za.

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