Clifton Shores to be filmed in and around Cape Towns best beaches

Clifton Shores, the new US reality show, based on “The Hills” and “The City” is currently being filmed in Cape Town.

As one of the finest beaches in South Africa, Clifton is our pride and joy. We should be proud of the fact that this Hollywood show is being shot over here. As a destination, we find Clifton to be extremely sort after for its white sandy beaches, wind free location, and panoramic ocean vistas.Unfortunately, parking is a premium in Clifton, so I don’t doubt that this international exposure will cause us more heart ache in the traffic.

If you are looking to visit Cape Town’s fine Clifton beach, and are looking for somewhere to stay. We have a number of apartments, villas and cottages on offer at reasonable daily rental rates.

A colleague of ours was able to source accommodation for some of the stars of the show, and its safe to say that the whole cast will be close by, enjoying our beaches, bars, clubs and restaurants.

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