Cape Town Jazz Festival: FREE Community Concert

The only thing better than live jazz is FREE live jazz, and with the upcoming community concert taking place in the build-up to this year’s annual Cape Town Jazz Festival, a free concert will be taking place on Wednesday 30 March 2016. And, needless to say, it looks rather awesome!

Free Cape Town Jazz Concert

Sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture, Independent Media and Passenger Rail Association of South Africa (PRASA), the free concert will be held in the heart of the City Centre, and open to everyone. The line-up for this concert includes jazz talent from South Africa and further afield, setting the tone for what is sure to be a hugely successful Jazz Fest 2016.

What can we expect from this event? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Free Jazz Concert in Cape Town

To kick off the Cape Town International Jazz Festival that will be taking place from 1 April to 2 April 2016, there will be totally free, gratis, no cost community jazz concert taking place on Greenmarket Square (just off Long Street). Some quick details about this event:

Where: Greenmarket Square, Longmarket Street, City Centre
When: Wednesday 30 March 2016, 17h00 – 23h00
How Much: FREE!

One of the most anticipated events of the social calender, CT Jazz Festival brings jazz lovers from all over the world to the Mother City. While the festival itself is undeniably a major attraction, the free jazz concert in Cape Town that takes place shortly before the festival gives everyone the chance to enjoy the smooth, seductive sounds of jazz, bass, piano and guitar, without paying a cent. This year’s community concert line-up includes the following artists (please note that this line-up is for the free concert only – we will release full details on the festival soon!):

Laëtitia Dana (France)
Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels (SA)
TopDog (SA)
Arts & Culture Focus Schools All Star Band (SA)
Lana Crowster (SA)

Billy Domingo, Festival Director for CTIJF, said about the free concert, “This event has always been a true highlight for me on the CTIJF festival calendar. Developing from a small community concert to the incredible event that it is today, the free community concert truly captures the essence of inclusivity. It reflects the goals of togetherness that our communities strive for, regardless of prejudice surrounding gender, race and our historical background. I want to thank Cape Town and its people for allowing us to host such a remarkable event!”

To make the event even more accessible to jazz fans from all over the city, there will be free trains offered in the afternoon before the event and in the evening after the event. Train services offering free trips include the following lines:

– Cape Town – Heathfield (Cape Flats)
– Cape Town – Khayelitsha via Kapteinsklip (Central Line)
– Cape Town – Bellville
– Cape – Bellville (Northern Line)

These routes will operate free train services to Cape Town Station from 15h00-17h00, and from Cape Town Station at 23h30.


In addition to this special concert that is open to all, the week before the festival will also include other free jazz-themed events. The Duotone Photographic Exhibition will be open to the public at no charge. This year, the exhibition will be held at the Artscape Theatre on the Foreshore to ensure that there is ample room for the public to enjoy the event. There are also going to be free Master Classes, workshops and debates.

From 1 April 2016, the festival itself will kick off with a spectacular line-up. We will be keeping you posted on this event, so be sure to check back on the blog soon!

Any jazz fans in the house? Will we be seeing YOU at the upcoming free jazz concert taking place in Cape Town later this March? 


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