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As September approaches – really, I’m not wishing the days away! – the annual migration of the Southern Right whales begins.  Well, OK then, it has started already, but the best times to see the mother whales and their babies IS in September when they come closer to the shore.

Christened the “best land based whale watching spot in the world”, Hermanus relishes this time of year, when people flock to watch these incredible beasts “breach” out in the bay, where they are filling up on copious amounts of krill to be found in the waters off the coast of South Africa, before heading north to their breeding grounds.

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Old Harbour, Hermanus

Hermanus is a small coastal town about an hour and half out of Cape Town on the Indian Ocean.  From humble fishing village beginnings, the town today is a far more sophisticated destination with upmarket shops and holiday accommodation.

Needless to say that those hotels, apartments and guest houses closest to a view of the sea, command our attention at this time of the year, as lying in your luxurious bedroom watching the bulk of a Southern Right whale lifting itself bodily out of the water is a spectacle to behold!

The sound of the “slap” as the body hits the water reverberates across the intervening space, reaching the watchers standing on the shore some seconds later, after which all you can hear is the joy of the watchers “ooh’s and ahh’s” echoing back to the whales.

Uniquely, the town has a Whale Crier with a kelp horn.  His job is to alert people to the presence of the whales in the bay and his sandwich board displays the best whale-watching spots around the bay.   You can even call him on his cellphone for up-to-date information on where to watch the whales!

Getting closer to the action calls for a boat and there are any number of boating excursions you can take into Walker Bay and around the coast, with whales surfacing some 3-4 meters away from the boats.

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Above the Whales

Hermanus plays host to its annual Whale Festival from 30th September to 4th October 2011, offering not only the best whale watching, but a host of other festivities such as music, sport and plenty of things for children to get involved with.

Whilst you want to consider the best whale watching spots, you will also want to give some consideration to the best accommodation.  Spending a few days at Harbour House in a beautifully decorated historical monument, a few meters from the water’s edge, yet only a few minutes walk from the town centre, you are sure to have the best of both worlds – peace, entertainment and history.  Luxurious rooms, with every modern convenience, ensure an exclusive and enjoyable stay that will have you returning for more.

Here at Come To Cape Town we are dedicated to finding you the gems – Cape Town accommodation at its finest.  Let us help you design the holiday you want with the accommodation you desire.  Contact us now!



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