8 Reasons You will Fall in Love with V&A Waterfront

Undoubtedly one of Cape Town’s top attractions, the vibrant V&A Waterfront has established itself as the ultimate hub of food, art, design, retail and adventure in the Mother City. Boasting a variety of exciting experiences and world-renowned landmarks and attractions, there truly is something for everyone to see, do and enjoy. It’s therefore no surprise that its lively energy and infectious hustle and bustle vibe has captured the hearts of many worldwide. 

V&A Waterfront

Here are 8 reasons you will fall in love with the V&A Waterfront and why you absolutely cannot miss it on your next trip to Cape Town:

1. Incredible harbour-front views


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Situated in the heart of the Mother City, the V&A Waterfront’s prime location means magnificent views that are sure to sweep you off your feet. With incredible harbour-front views, you will be able to enjoy one of the best views of Table Mountain in the entire city. There’s nothing quite as captivating as seeing one of the New7Wonders of Nature up close while strolling the harbour-side or enjoying a sunset cocktail or morning cup of coffee. This spectacular view that can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night is just one of the reasons you will fall in love with the V&A Waterfront.

2. Exciting activities


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The lively V&A Waterfront welcomes everyone to get in on all the fun, adventure, beauty and excitement is has to offer. With abundant variety of things to do and see, there is no reason why you won’t fall in love with the V&A Waterfront on your next trip to Cape Town. From the renowned Zeitz MOCAA Museum, Two Oceans Aquarium, Springbok Rugby Experience Museum, Scratch Patch Mineral World and Cave Golf, the Silo District, thrilling boat trips and so much more, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. Not to mention its thriving retail, culinary and market scene that will have you going back for more again and again.

3. Marine life sightings & ocean adventures


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Cape Town is home to a diverse and thriving marine life all along the Cape Peninsula. But there are few things that come close to the pure joy you experience when seeing some of its favourite ocean locals up close and personal. A visit to the vibrant V&A Waterfront will allow you to do just that! Apart from enjoying some incredible marine life sightings of Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins, Southern Right Whales and Dolphins while strolling around the waterfront, the V&A Waterfront boasts a variety of ocean adventures and exciting experiences.

From exhilarating boat charters around the city, thrilling Cape Fur Seal snorkelling experiences, scuba diving, kayaking and so much more, there is something for every ocean adventurer at heart. The best thing is, all these incredible ocean adventures gives you the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular sightings of Cape Town’s Marine Big 5 in their natural habitat.

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4. The ultimate mecca of art, music & design


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Besides spectacular views, incredible marine life sighting and a variety of things to see and do for the whole family, the V&A Waterfront boasts a vibrant art, design and music scene. Home to the world-renowned Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, one of the world’s largest museum dedicated specifically to African contemporary art, as well as a range of other top art galleries and museums, the V&A Waterfront is any art lover’s dream come true.

Apart from its iconic art galleries, it boasts a range of top-class designer stores, artistic hubs and creative spots that are perfect for immersing yourself in Cape Town’s artistic culture. In addition, the V&A Waterfront has fast become a hotspot for live performances, street side buskers, performing art groups and passionate musicians to take to the stage. It showcases the very best of what Cape Town’s music and art scene has to offer.

5. Get immersed in some of South Africa’s history and culture


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In addition to being a vibrant hub of art and design, the V&A Waterfront offers visitors a variety of incredible cultural experiences. From the Nobel Square and iconic Clock Tower to the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum and the Robben Island Information Centre. In addition, embarking on a boat trip from the V&A Waterfront to the iconic Robben Island has undoubtedly become one of Cape Town’s most sought-after experiences. Not only does it give visitors the opportunity to visit one of the most recognizable prisons in the world today, but enables them to learn more about the struggle and stride the iconic Nelson Mandela endured during his incarceration. It also gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vital piece of South Africa’s history.

6.Vibrant market scene


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The Waterfront’s vibrant market scene is just another reason why you will fall in love with the V&A Waterfront. Boasting two lively markets, namely the V&A Food Market and the Watershed at the V&A, the Waterfront has undoubtedly become one of the Mother City’s market hotspots. While each market offers something unique and exciting to enjoy, the cool vibe, electric energy and hustle and bustle, yet welcoming atmosphere remains the same.

With the Watershed at the V&A showcasing over 150 stalls, selling more than 365 brands ranging from ceramics, textiles, furniture, art and craft, fashion and jewellery, it truly is the ultimate Waterfront destination to satisfy all your purchasing needs. But what would a Cape Town market experience be without some delicious food and indulgent culinary treats? This is where the V&A Food Market comes in.

This vibrant and lively artisan street food market showcases 42 of the finest local products and offers a platform for small business to launch trend concept food stores and bars alike. You can therefore expect some spectacular culinary pursuits, bold combinations and delicious food experiences all ready and waiting to be enjoyed by you. It also offers visitors both indoor and outdoor seating options, thereby making it the perfect choice for a day our exploring Cape Town regardless of the weather conditions.

7. Lively night & day hotspot 


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Another top reason why you will fall in love with the V&A Waterfront is its lively daytime and nightlife scene. This vibrant Cape Town hotspot truly has something for everyone to enjoy any time of the day or night. Offering visitors a thriving culinary scene, top shopping and retail district and a variety of exciting landmarks, attractions, experiences and adventures, a visit to the V&A Waterfront is the perfect daytime activity for the whole family.

But besides being the ultimate daytime Cape Town destination, the V&A Waterfront gives visitors the opportunity to experience the Mother City’s captivating and cool nightlife in a whole new way. Boasting a variety of hip hangouts, cool culinary hotspots, world-renowned restaurants, icon rooftop bars, laid-back cafes and a range of lavish nightclubs, there’s nothing quite like a night out at the V&A Waterfront. It promises to be one you won’t soon forget!

8. Experience harbour-side Cape Town living


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The fact that the V&A Waterfront is located right in the heart of Cape Town makes it the ultimate destination for travellers, holidaymakers, corporate trips and romantic adventures. It’s vibrant energy, endless range of experiences and hotspots and proximity to a variety of Cape Town’s top attractions and must-visit destinations has established the V&A Waterfront as a leading travel destination. And the fact that it boasts an incredible range of accommodation options just makes it that much better. From modern high-rise apartments, captivating corporate escapes, lavish luxury villas and stunning harbour-front destinations, there’s something for everyone. Each offering the very best harbour-front views of the iconic Table Mountain and beyond, the V&A Waterfront is the epitome of Cape Town harbour-side living.

The ever-beautiful and always-vibrant V&A Waterfront truly is the ultimate mecca for just about everything in the Mother City. It’s therefore no surprise that it has established itself as one of Cape Town’s top must-visit destinations for locals and travellers from all around the world. From spectacular views and fun family activities to luxury accommodation, iconic landmarks and a vibrant culinary, art and music scene, there are so many reasons why you will fall in love with the V&A Waterfront.

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