5 Places to Enjoy Paragliding in Cape Town

Paragliding in Cape Town offers an amazing chance to take to the skies for a truly unique perspective of the landscapes below. Imagine yourself gently floating over scenery ranging from mountain to ocean, vineyards, fields and woodlands, as you experience one of the biggest thrills ever, and you will begin to see what all the paragliding fuss is about!

paragliding in Cape Town

Being earth-bound and all, there is no doubt that human beings have had a huge fascination with flight throughout the ages. Planes, helicopters, hot air balloons and parachutes have all helped to get us up into the air, but it’s thanks to sports such as paragliding that have allowed us to truly experience the magic of drifting on the wind.

If you have a yearning to get sky-bound, you’re in luck – Fly Cape Town Paragliding offers a wide range of sites to suit every scenic preference.

Best Sites for Paragliding in Cape Town

Always wanted to soar like a bird over the landscape? Need more adventure in your life? Already a die-hard glider fanatic? Here are some of the best sites for paragliding in Cape Town…

1. Lions Head, City Centre

Elevation: 113m

This option offers great views of Clifton, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the launch site, but the walk is well worth the effort. There are two sites here – a lower launch site and a top site. The lower site lies about 10 minutes from the Cape Town side parking area, while the top site is another 10 minutes or so from the lower site. If you’re after iconic ocean views, this is sure to be a rewarding choice of sites.

2. Signal Hill, City Centre

Elevation: 295m

The Signal Hill site offers views of Sea Point, Green Point, Table Bay and even Robben Island. You will also be able to enjoy mountain views. Ideally, this site is best suited to more experienced paragliders, as weather conditions can change very quickly and the landing is a bit more challenging. If you have done some gliding and want to enjoy some stunning views of the city area, this jump is a good option.

3. Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West

Elevation: 431m

Taking you about half an hour out of Cape Town en route to the Garden Route, the Sir Lowry’s Pass site is truly beautiful. The site also has the benefit of being car-accessible, which means no major hikes to reach the launch spot. This site is flown in the low season for the most part, when winds blow to the west. If you’re hoping to enjoy some country scenery that encompasses mountain, vegetation and open spaces, this is a great site.

4. Paarl Rock, Paarl

Elevation: 540m

The famous Paarl Rock site is situated at a major Western Cape landmark. This giant rock lies in the Cape Winelands town of Paarl – a very scenic place to explore by glider. You will be able to see across the valleys, vineyards and landscapes of the Cape Wine Route, and after your glide, you can do some wine tasting to wind off your day. If you want to see one of the city’s best-loved tourist attractions in a totally unique way, this spot is sure to be just what you’re after.

5. Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus

 Altitude: Elevation: 240m

On the Garden Route meanwhile, the Hermanus site offers some awe-inspiring scenery comprising nature reserve, mountain and ocean. During Whale Season (August to November), you might even see Southern right whales in the bay as they frolic in the waters below. Overall, it is a fairly gentle ride with the added benefit of a beach landing (something beginners will appreciate). If you are in town to see the whales, be sure to add a glide at this site to your to-do list.

It goes without saying that paragliding in Cape Town should always be done with the help of qualified, highly trained experts. Beginners will need to do tandem jumps with instructors, and there are many safety regulations that need to be heeded. Once you find the right instructor and prepare for your first glide, you will finally understand why this sport is considered one of the greatest experiences ever.

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