Foodie Heaven at Melissa's The Food Shop

For nearly two decades, Melissa’s The Food Shop has been synonymous with good food. After opening its first shop in Kloof Street in 1996, this company has gone on to offer a full range of products, an eatery and a wholesale range that takes the goodness to those outside of the Western Cape.


Started by Mark and Melissa van Hoogstraten, the company puts its focus on the creation of delicious food, made from fresh ingredients, with a classic take on everything that represents the good things in life. From baked goods such as their to-die-for biscuits, quiches and heavenly cakes, to breakfasts, lunches and suppers, products that help you take home a bit of the magic and many other gastronomical delights, it is easy to see just how Melissa’s earned its stellar reputation.

Pure Deliciousness at Melissa’s

The original Melissa’s Food Shop is situated near the top end of Kloof Street, and has a restaurant as well as drop-in shop. Some highlights that will make you adore this shop include the following:

* The extensive product range. Beverages, confectionery, baked goodies, savoury treats, oils, preserves, cereal, rusks and many, many other irresistible things can be found in this large range. From personal experience, I would die content and happy if I had Melissa’s shortbread as my last meal. The biscotti too, now that I think about it.

* The hampers. The only thing better than one pack of shortbread is a hamper full of equally divine things (and shortbread). After all, the more the merrier, right? Hampers are great for gifts, but if you are not in the mood to share, they are also excellent to spoil yourself with too. There are a number of well-planned hampers that are fit for any occasion and even healthy options, should you be able to resist the more indulging ones.

* The menu. As we mentioned earlier, there is also an eatery at The Food Shop, so you can grab a bite to eat there too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served along with light meals and coffee. Because, you never know when that biscuit craving is going to hit. It is a great atmosphere too, with a relaxed, home-like vibe.

Now that your taste buds have woken up, go on over to to see what else is available at Melissa’s The Food Shop.

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