Cape Town tourism to introduce price code to prevent overpricing

Cape Town’s tourism industry stakeholders have taken steps to combat international perceptions of South Africa as “an expensive destination”, ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

To address this issue Cape Town Tourism have formulated a Code of Responsible Pricing for Cape Town.

“The Code is an important charter,” says Cape Town Tourism spokesperson, Lianne Burton. “The industry is eager to ensure that Cape Town’s good reputation is not spoiled by greedy individuals out to capitalize on a few weeks at the expense of a responsible sector that has worked incredibly hard to put destination Cape Town on the top of every travellers wish-list.”

The first and major guiding principle of the Code is that of ‘Fair Value’. This means that the tourism sector will create fair and reasonable rates for the 2010 FIFA World Cup that are linked to current seasonal rates.

The second principle is that of ‘Responsible Tourism’. This principle highlights Cape Town’s commitment to be a destination that values and promotes its position with regard to taking care of people, the planet and profit to the greater community.

Thirdly, tourism businesses will be mindful of ‘Sustainable Tourism’ in the interests of maintaining a legacy for Cape Town beyond the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a destination that offers good value.

Finally, the Code asks that the tourism sector advocates a strong ‘Consumer Protection’ ethic; refraining from adding hidden costs and fees that surprise and annoy consumers when they receive their bill.

A call to action asking the industry to sign up to and adhere to the Code will be driven through various participating associations and member organisations in the region. is proud to participate in the new pricing code, and looks forward to helping to sustain fair accommodation & tourism prices in South Africa.

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