Cape Town Nominated For Six World Travel Awards

Cape Town is officially nominated for six awards at the World Travel Awards!


Cape Town Nominated For Six World Travel Awards

There is absolutely no denying that Cape Town is at the very top of its game – and its definitely making sure the rest of the world knows it too! Recently named the ‘Third greatest city on Earth’ by the flagship UK newspaper, The Telegraph, out ranking countless renowned travel destinations and global heavy-hitters, not to mention being one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world, the glorious Mother City is stepping it up yet again.

Nominated for SIX World Travel Awards, Cape Town has loudly, proudly, and undoubtedly established itself as one of the top global travel destinations.

According to IOL,  Mayco member for Economic Growth, James Vos, the World Travel Awards are the gold standard in the travel world and brings significant economic benefits and incredible growth potential to the city, among countless other merits and advantages.

This year, Cape Town is nominated for the following six World Travel Awards:

  1. Africa’s Leading Beach Destination 2022: Cape Town
  2. Africa’s Leading Business Travel Destination 2022: Cape Town
  3. Africa’s Leading City Destination 2022: Cape Town
  4. Africa’s Leading Festival & Event Destination 2022: Cape Town
  5. Africa’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination 2022: Cape Town
  6. Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2022: Table Mountain, Cape Town

“Having been to communities and attractions all across our metro and meeting Capetonians in the tourism and hospitality industry who are visibly proud of their home city, I know that we are deserving of every accolade. I have said it before and I will say it again: Cape Town is Africa’s best city because of the people who make up its cultures, cuisines, and communities. Many agree,” – James Vos.

Vos went on to say that the City and Cape Town Tourism worked continuously to keep the metro top of mind for domestic and international visitors, while simultaneously supporting local tourism enterprises. Most recently, the group launched ‘Find Your Freedom,’ a first-of-its-kind interactive platform that showcases different kinds of experiences across the city.


THIS, together with so MANY other awe-inspiring and wonderful things are what makes us beyond elated, proud, and beyond happy to be Capetonians!

Cape Town Nominated For Six World Travel Awards

Boasting an endless array of magnificent, thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, adventures, natural wonders, and things to do, see, and explore, how can Cape Town not be right at the top of your travel bucket list?

It truly is one of those incredibly rare cities that just ‘have-it-all.’ It’s a destination unlike any other – vibrant, colorful, beautiful, exhilarating, and brimming with energy. A total enigma – and we just can’t get enough!

It’s no surprise that the glorious city of Cape Town has stolen the hearts of locals, travelers, and wanderlust wonderers from around the world – let’s be honest, it has probably captured yours too! It certainly has our hearts!


Now the big question is – What’s next Cape Town? Because I for one can’t wait!

About The Author: Bianca Bunge

I am a Cape Town based Travel Blogger & aspiring writer. Travelling is the ULTIMATE joy, it allows us to lose ourselves & find ourselves all at the same time, is there anything better than that? PURE BLISS!! And being a Travel Blogger allows me to share my love of travelling, especially my LOVE of Cape Town, with all of you. The Mother City truly did steal my heart, and perhaps she'll steal yours too! I also love the ocean, going on adventures & wine, I REALLY love wine! Join me on my mission to discover EVERY little bit of Cape Town, and what a glorious adventure it will be!
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