July Weather

As snow starts to fall on the surrounding mountains, there is no doubt that winter has finally reached Cape Town. You may hear a lot of complaints from locals (who have of course never experienced conditions below 12 degrees Celsius) but pay no heed. Just when the cold seems like it will last forever; the sun comes out once again and warms things up. The cool, crisp air is also great for hikes, walks, winelands excursions and many other outdoor adventures. On rainy days, there are still loads of options on offer too.

Cape Town Weather in July

What can you expect from the weather in Cape Town in July? Here are a few things to keep in mind…

General Overview

  • Average daily maximum temperature: 16 degrees C (62 degrees F)
  • Average daily minimum temperature: 7 degrees C (45 degrees F)
  • Average monthly rainfall: 82mm (3.2 inches)
  • Average days and nights:  sunrise starts at about 07h00, and sunset begins at about 18h00.

Typical Climate Conditions

July is the coldest month of the year in Cape Town, but for northern hemisphere visitors the cold days may not seem as cold as winters in Europe and the US. Cape Town locals will generally feel the chill when temperatures reach below 12 degrees Celsius, but it seldom reaches below 7 degrees C even at the height of the month.

Interestingly enough, the average monthly rainfall is a bit lower than it is in June. With that said however, when the rain falls in July, it falls in buckets. It is not uncommon to have a torrential downpour for a few hours in the morning, followed by fluffy white clouds and patches of blue sky by lunchtime. There are still plenty of clear days too, even with a bit of a nip in the air. Evenings tend to get very cold, so be sure to have warm things on hand when heading out after dark.

What to Pack for July Holidays

Umbrellas in Cape Town are not always the easiest way to stay dry on rainy days. The famous Cape winds combined with a solid onslaught of rain make for a rather challenging exercise when fighting with umbrellas. You would probably be better off with a warm raincoat or hooded waterproof jacket. July is also a good month to haul out the stylish coat you have been dying to wear, along with your favourite woollen hats and warm scarves. Cardigans and other easy to layer clothing are also essential – by the time the morning chills wear off and the sun comes out, you will be grateful to unpeel some of those layers.

A pair of funky wellington boots or gumboots is also great if you plan to be heading outdoors. Many Cape Town shops sell these in all sorts of fun styles if you want to invest in a pair during your holiday, turning a winter staple into a quirky fashion trend.

If you are hiring a self catering apartment, holiday home or villa, you can also put your accommodation venue’s microwave to good use with a microwave warmer. Pop one of these into the microwave for a few minutes and voila – instant warmth. Shops such as Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street also sell heated socks and other similar products.

The good news is that once July comes to an end, the weather starts getting warm again. The transition from winter to spring is quite simply breath-taking in the Cape, turning the countryside into a verdant landscape that starts to sprout wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Stay warm this July and make the most of the sunny days amidst the wet days!