Pet Friendly Travel tips

As pets become more and more of an important part of family life, many travelers do not want to leave their “best friends” at home, even when they travel abroad. But traveling with pets provides its own set of unique issues that are best addressed before you begin your trip.

Pet Friendly Travel tips South AfricaMany hotels, including ones in Cape Town, offer accommodations for travelers visiting with their pets. Often these accommodations will include an impressive list of amenities that any pet will love, including pet treats, special beds and bowls, and even a concierge service.

For those must-have pet necessities, much like toothpaste for us humans, hotels even offer desks that stock nearly anything you or your pet might need.

Many times pet owners are so happy to find a hotel that accommodates their pet, that they forget to check the charges for these amenities and services, which can be steep. Fees can add up to $10.00, $25.00 or more per night in some locations. Although these fees can be significant, most locations change a modest nightly fee, no more than it would cost to house your pet at a kennel while you were away.

The best thing you can do is to shop around before you book your stay. Speak directly with managers to be absolutely clear on what charges will be assessed, and which amenities are included and which will require additional fees or charges.

Although bringing Fluffy along for the trip may sound like a great idea but you will regret not being prepared unless you call ahead first. Once you have a better understanding of the costs involved, and the quality of accommodations you have available, your travel plans will be enhanced with your faithful and friendly pet along.